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I gotta be honest. Besides Supergirl, The Flash is probably my favorite thing on tv right now. The show's writing is stupendous as both seasons so far have left me reeling. Every time I thought I had finally cracked the code and gotten into the writers' brains, they'd introduce some new twist and I'd be back to square one again. This makes enduring the show's summer hiatus that much more of a grueling experience. All that's left to wonder is how Barry is going to undo THAT decision that we saw him make at the end of the season 2 finale.

Three cheers for Flashpoint!
Three cheers for Flashpoint!


That's right! It's time for: SEASON THREE SPECULATION!

To get started... who will be the main baddie of season three? Well, if the show stays true to its current form, we can expect that there will be many minor "villains of the week" as well as one major villain who will most likely be a speedster. The problem is, the vast majority of the major Flash villains who are known to be enemies of Barry Allen in the comics have already been introduced in the first two seasons. That said, is it possible that season three may end up having a major villain who is not a speedster? The short answer is: "Don't hold your breath." There's one major speedster villain who has yet to appear in the Flarrowverse, (Grrr, I hate that name!) and that villain is...

Cobalt Blue!

AKA this guy
AKA this guy

Here's the rundown on Cobalt Blue. He was originally the twin brother of one Barry Allen. However, due to a doctor's error, the baby son of Charlene Thawne, who was in the same hospital, was killed. To cover up his mistake, the doctor switched Barry's twin with Charlene's dead baby and told the Allens that their other son had been stillborn. The other twin was taken home by the Thawnes, named Malcolm, and raised as their son. As an adult, Malcolm Thawne learns that he is Barry's twin by accident. He then confronts his adoptive parents and the doctor responsible for the coverup, who explain what really happened. In a fit of anger, Malcolm kills the doctor, then flees to his grandmother, who, seeing his passion, teaches him how to control "the blue flame". Malcolm creates a blue gem to contain it, one which has the ability to siphon the Flash's speed.

Is it possible that we're going to see this exact story play out in season 3 of The Flash? Probably not, especially since this show and the rest of the shows set in the Universe-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named have a tendency to play fast and loose with the original comic book source material. My theory for how this could happen is that Eddie Thawne has a brother, (perhaps even a twin), who comes to town to take vengeance on the Flash, whom he blames for his brother's suicide. How they're going to involve the "blue flame" angle I haven't figured out yet, but I still think this idea is plausible. But, let's just say that the big bad of season 3 is not a speedster. Who could it be? My guess?

Mirror Master!

Mirror Master as featured on The Batman
Mirror Master as featured on The Batman

I never really took Mirror Master seriously until watching him in the cartoon series The Batman. I quickly realized my mistake when the creepy old dude in the orange and green jumpsuit created a plan so brilliant that even the Dark Knight took a long time to figure it out. Mirror Master's big scheme was to trap the entire city in glass reflections, then hold its best and brightest for exorbitant ransom. The consequences of denying him the ransom? He'd shatter the helpless socialites into more pieces of glass than they had dollars. Doctor Simon Scutter was a tactical genius, and it took the combined efforts of the Caped Crusader, the Boy Wonder, and the Scarlet Speedster to defeat him and his henchwoman, Smoke. But how does this all apply to the CW show? I think Simon Scutter could be a worker at Mercury Labs working on a secret project, or even (if the show decided to mess with canon again), a metahuman who has the ability to transport himself through any reflective surface.

What do you think of my theories? Are you excited for Season 3 of The Flash?


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