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On May 14, 2016 (for everyone who didn’t know), writer and artist Darwyn Cooke had passed away at the age of 53 form “Aggressive Cancer”. My thoughts & prayers go out to his family, his friends, and to the men and women of DC Comics.

About 7 months ago, I’ve wrote an editorial about asking people on what the next 3rd Flash & Arrow crossover should be. Some are actually interesting, some unique. About 3 months ago & now recently, I’ve put in my idea & wrote an outline. My idea is that the producers and writers should based the next crossover on Cooke’s “DC: The New Frontier” storyline. It should be a modern take, have the key characters and a few new ones, the main villain would be The Centre in which that the twist would be Lian Yu. I’ve even created a name for the title, “Flash & Arrow: New Frontier”.

Some loved my idea. Some don’t. Last month, Supergirl has officially moved to the CW & had announced by the network that they’re planning a 4 part crossover along with the other established shows, The Flash, Arrow & now, Legends of Tomorrow. Fans have speculated that they wanted to see a “Crisis on Infinite Earths” storyline with various multiverses & doppelgängers. But I think it’s going too fast & too soon like it’s becoming a rushed job without any thought on how they’re going to pull this off. So far, we don’t know. However, if you look at my idea & the outline, this should be a good move for the producers to adapt for the crossover in honor of his work and it has done right. If it happens, this could open doors for the ensemble of TV’s Justice League & introduced a “new twist” on the major characters in the Arrowverse: Superman (Supergirl), Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. And then, that time should be right to adapt the “Crisis” storyline.

If you can, check out my articles and let me know what you think?

MY “FLASH & ARROW 3” IDEA!!! & Flash & Arrow 3 | OUTLINE

For everyone, keep your thoughts & prayers for Darwyn during this tragic time,

Thank you & godspeed.



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