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The four brothers from New York City are back in action with the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows in theaters, growing the universe of possibilities for the four heroes to explore and face new enemies, as well as reintroduce classic characters from the original show, including Bebop (Gary Anthony Williams), Rocksteady (Sheamus), Krang (Brad Garrett) and Casey Jones (Stephen Amell).

Here's the fun and fast-paced trailer for the family action blockbuster:

In trying to keep the story moving and easy to follow for the younger audiences this movie is clearly catered to, writers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec left some pretty big questions left unanswered throughout the film that we would like to have answers for. Let's take a look at some of the bigger questions and their possible solutions.


1. How did Baxter come in possession of the teleportation device?

In the trailers, we see the Turtles trying to prevent a jailbreak of some sort in their monstrous garbage truck tricked out to stop criminals. What they don't show, however, is that this jailbreak is being orchestrated by scientist Baxter Stockton (Tyler Perry) to break the evil Shredder (Brian Tee) out of prison. Part of his plan to do so was to use a mysterious teleportation device, which instead of bringing Shredder to him, it sent Shredder to an unknown location, where he was confronted by the alien Commander Krang. Krang then sends Shredder back with the mission of collecting two other alien parts to complete a larger portal device for Krang's warship, the Technodrome, to come to Earth.

Shredder and Stockton learning the location of the two other alien technologies makes sense, as Krang showed it to them, but just how did Baxter learn about the first device's location? It's mentioned throughout the movie that Baxter has been working on similar technology at his lab for years, but there is no mention from Baxter nor Shredder on just how or where he found the device, so hopefully it will be revisited in the potential next installment for the franchise.

2. Just how does everyone know Krang's name?

This one is initially more of a plot hole than an unanswered question, but it really is a major point of the story. When Shredder first is confronted by Krang about building the device, never once does the alien warlord formally introduce himself to Shredder, and being that he exists in a different dimension, there should be no way that they should know his name. Not only do Baxter and Shredder refer to Krang by name, but when the Technodrome is slowly assembling over New York, Donnie does some technical work through camera-footage on the parts and somehow discovers the name Commander Krang. When he was typing, Donnie mentions that he hacked into some kind of "data bank." The problem is that because Krang is from another dimension, there not only shouldn't be a record of him anywhere on Earth yet, but there also shouldn't be a way to translate any symbols on the Technodrome in the time it took Donnie to figure out. So, that begs the question how did they know his name, and also what database was Donnie using?

3. Just what were the "toys" Krang was keeping?

In an (unsurprising) turn of events, Krang betrays Shredder aboard the Technodrome and as Shredder tries to fight Krang, the alien warlord cryogenically freezes him without even throwing a punch, and stores Shredder with all of his other "toys": enemies and maybe even other "allies" he's collected from other areas he's conquered. So just what are these other "toys"? Could they be other potential antagonists from Dimension X, such as Lord Dregg? With Krang's promise of returning to defeat the Turtles, we will have to wait and see.

4. What happens to Baxter Stockman?

Even though he helped orchestrate Shredder's escape from prison and synthesize the alien compound to mutate Bebop and Rocksteady, Shredder still betrayed him in the end, saying he would only be a "footnote in history," and having members of the Foot Clan take him away to an unknown fate/location. So, just what happens to him now that Shredder is no longer in the picture? In the animated series, Stockman is mutated after a betrayal from Shredder and becomes a humanoid-fly mutation, and antagonist to both the Turtles and Shredder on a number of occasions. It will be interesting to see if maybe he experiments more with mutations and becomes the fly in a future installment.

5. What happens to Bebop and Rocksteady?

This one is technically answered at the end of the movie, when April is giving her news report and states that the two have been arrested, but just where are they being taken? And how do the police expect to hold the two mutants in any prison? They have superhuman strength, they are larger than most humans and they are chaotic as can be. Plus, Baxter is the only scientist who has any idea about what compound mutated them into their current states, and he is missing, so the police don't really have anyone to turn to transform them back to normal.

What did you think of 'Out of the Shadows'? Are you looking forward to the next entry into the Turtles franchise? Did you have any plot questions with the film?


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