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She may be best known for playing the charismatic Daenerys Targaryen on HBO's Game of Thrones, but Emilia Clarke has been swiftly taking on role after role. Varying from Terminator Genisys to the newly released Me Before You, Clarke has been diversifying herself on film and highlighting her ability. There's definitely no danger of this girl getting typecast, because each role is completely different from the one before. Let's take a look at what Clarke's been up to and how her current acting plans are setting her up to be remembered for more than just her iconic Thrones character.

Before she was cast in Game of Thrones, Clarke was relatively unknown. Her credits included a one episode appearance in BBC soap opera Doctors and Syfy's Triassic Attack.

Playing Daenerys Targaryen — one of the lead characters on the fantasy saga — she was immediately catapulted into stardom. Thrones is easily the biggest and most popular show in the world. Clarke still plays Daenerys, and the show is set to return for yet another season next year. The fantasy drama follows the struggle for power in the seven kingdoms of Westeros and Clarke's character — Daenerys Targaryen — is the last remaining Targaryen — one of the families that have claim to the throne.

Although Game of Thrones is still on air, Clarke has starred in several films of a varying range of genres since 2012. What's unique about Clarke's situation is even though Thrones catapulted her straight to the top, her initial dips into the film world where with lesser-known projects. She starred in two British comedy films Spike Island and Dom Hemingway as well as a short film entitled Shackled.

It was in 2015 when she made her big jump into American cinema, starring as legendary action hero Sarah Connor (a role made famous by Linda Hamilton decades earlier) in Terminator Genisys. Clarke was phenomenal in the role and she even resembled Hamilton. The role required her to drop her well-known British accent and develop an American one — a task that she handled perfectly. The promotion posters featured her alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, resembling the character of Sarah Connor perfectly. Less than five years into her professional career and Clarke has already played two badass female characters!

Clarke's new film, entitled Me Before You, follows the story of a young British woman (Louisa Clark) who becomes devoted care assistant to a young man with quadriplegia, and to quote Clarke herself "love ensues". Described as a real tearjerker, the film has been performing incredibly well at the box office and has already landed the honour of being titled the UK's #1 film. Clarke highlights her versatility in the role of Louisa, playing a completely different character compared to any of her previous roles. In an interview, Clarke suggested that out of all the roles that she has played in her career, Louisa is the character that she could most relate to. Critics have praised her performance and credit Clarke as one of the main reasons for the film's success. Read my spoiler free review of Me Before You here.

As we head into the future Clarke already has two more upcoming film projects as well as the next season of Game of Thrones. Thrones has brought Clarke international stardom and she is now one of the most recognizable faces and names in Hollywood, making a name for herself as an actress outside of her Game of Thrones character. Clarke is already playing one of TV's most beloved badass characters, but as we head into a world post-Game of Thrones, she is quickly taking over the film world too. She has played the mother of dragons and the mother of the future, but Clarke is quickly becoming the mother of entertainment.

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