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What's the best Ninja Turtles movie? That question get thrown around a lot. The answer is usually part one or Secret of the Ooze. While part one was dark, gritty, and violent, the sequel was light hearted, fun, and you still got all the action that you'd expect. While the sequel to Michel Bay's TMNT reboot is currently in theaters, I figured why not show you younger readers some great scenes from the movie. And for you readers around my age, enjoy the nostalgia.

Mall Fight

Keno, a young pizza delivery boy, was on his way to deliver a pizza when he comes across a mall being robbed by a gang of burglars. He tells them to stop and that they are under arrest. They laugh it off after he mentions that he isn't security, but is actually pizza delivery. Who the heck is this guy to stop them? Well, fun fact, Keno practices martial arts and is actually pretty good at it. So he takes out the first few guys with ease and then gets a little cocky. That's until the other twenty or so goons walk out. Thankfully the Turtles saw Keno in trouble and saved the day.

I wouldn't call this a great fight scene. What I would call it is a very entertaining and memorable scene. Donatello acted like a toy and poked a guy in the eye. Leonardo threw his katana blades into the ceiling just to kick a guy in the face. And Michelangelo beats guys with a yo-yo and later used sausage links as nunchucks. How could anyone watch this screen and not enjoy it?

Prefight Donut

The Turtles were backed into a corner. They were forced into a no win fight with the Foot, Shredder and their mutant creations Tokka and Rahzar. Thankfully, with the help of Professor Jordan Perry, Donatello finds a way to reverse the mutation of Tokka and Rahzar. Problem is, it has to be ingested. Thankfully Michelangelo has plan. He will talk them into the ancient tradition of the pre-fight donut. Wait, what?

Of all the plans that they could have come up with, this is easily the silliest. Considering the source material, it makes sense where it came from. But hey, it worked...sort of.

Ninja, Ninja RAP

So Michelangelo's plan didn't work completely and now they had to fight The Foot, Tokka and Rahzar, and then eventually the Shredder. But not before being forced into a club that Vanilla Ice happened to be performing in. While the turtles were getting their butts kicked two seconds prior, something about the music sparked something that turned the tide.

After rewatching this movie as an adult I realized that this scene is not only cheesier, but also so much funnier than I realized. None of this makes any sense, but by Odin's beard this was great. Not only did we get a "freestyle" rap by Vanilla Ice and his band, but apparently the turtles already had a choreographed dance routine.

Ten Flips

Were you seen?
Were you seen?

The fights have been fought and won. The four brothers returned home and were on a high from defeating Shredder and The Foot. They were greeted by their father and sensei Splinter who immediately asked them if they were seen. They respond "Of course not". How could they? They practice Ninjitsu. The art of invisibility. That's when Splinter pulled out a copy of the days paper that has the turtles posing for a picture. They made the front page. Not very stealthy. The Punishment? Ten back flips. The best part was Splinter saying, "And remember, 'GO, NINJA! GO, NINJA, GOOOOOO.". Heh, he made another funny.

There's something special about the way this movie ended. Sure Splinter was mad, but his sons saved the city. So while he had to punish them, he also let them know he was proud.


Was this movie absurd, childish, and very unlike the comics and the previous movie? Yes it was. Here is the reality of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Ooze; it was still a fun movie. Sure there are a lot of weird things that went on, but who cares? It still makes us laugh and smile two decades later.

What were your favorite moments? Let me know in the comments below


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