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I just got back from watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, and what a fun movie for those of us who grew up watching the 1980's cartoon starring our favorite ninja turtles. As a fan of CW's The Arrow with Mr. Abs himself, Stephen Amell, it was a pure delight to watch him move into a movie role. And I think this was the perfect transition for him to start appearing in other movies. After watching the movie, I thought "Wow! Casey Jones and Stephen Amell's Green Arrow are very similar!" So it must have been fairly easy for him to step into this role.

That's why I'm going to list the Top 5 Reasons Why Stephen Amell Was Ready to Play Casey Jones. I do know that Casey Jones was created as a spoof of vigilantes. But that makes the connection even stronger! (I'm only going to use the 1980's cartoon appearances as reference.)

1) Street Justice

In the cartoon series, Casey Jones is ready to take down any punk or thug that he thinks is breaking the law. Any kind of law. It doesn't matter because he is quite the loose cannon when it comes to being a vigilante. And his voice resembles Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry. Stephen Amell may not have that grizzled voice (maybe a little when he uses his speech modifier) but Stephen Amell does have the athleticism like Casey Jones to dispense some hard-knuckled street justice. Both will do anything to help clean up the streets of their respected cities.

2) What Lies Behind That Mask?

Casey Jones never took off his mask, which made his character even crazier. There was one scene where he entered an office building wearing a suit and his mask! When it comes to playing the Green Arrow, Stephen Amell is already used to peering through little holes to take down the bad guys. Wearing a mask is almost second nature to him. The idea of disguising himself is evident in both films. Although in Arrow, it seems like he reveals himself to everyone.

3) Who Needs an Arrow When You Have A Baseball Bat?

Outside of beating up thugs and wearing masks, another thing I notices was Casey Jones' bag on his back. He was always reaching back there to grab some sports equipment to smack some thugs. Shooting arrows in The Arrow has to be similar, right? Stephen Amell is already accustomed to be aware of not only where his arrows are, but which arrow to grab depending on the moment. I believe it is called "muscle memory"!

4) Hockey, Anyone?

There's a few scenes in the movie and the cartoon where you see Casey Jones whip out his hockey stick. And there's even a scene where Stephen Amell has to ice skate during Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. I did some digging around, and found an article where Stephen Amell used to play hockey. He was already a master at ice skating!

5) Always a Team Player

Casey Jones teams up with the turtles. Stephen Amell has The Green Arrow has his team. So I decided to pair up who I think best represents each of the ninja turtles.

Leonardo: Gotta go with John Diggle aka Spartan (David Ramsey). His background in the military and being Olliver Queen's bodyguard has to give him the ability to lead the team when Ollie is out taking down the bad guys.

Donatello: Easiest one of the bunch. Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards). She's a computer whiz and has created some cool technology on the spot. She's definitely the nerd of the bunch.

Raphael: Have to go with Roy Harper aka Arsenal (Colton Haynes). He is pretty much the hot-headed one of the group. And as a street-smart kid, he didn't take any lip from anyone. But he became even more quick-tempered when he was injected with the Mirakuru serum. You can also put Sara Lance in this spot too. Especially after she came out of the Lazarus Pit.

Michelangelo: I know some of you might be thinking Thea Queen aka Speedy (Willa Holland) because she's Ollie's younger sister. There were a few times where she was partying. But I'm going to throw in a little twist. Who is another famous character that shows up from time-to-time? Barry Allen the Flash (Grant Gustin). You have to admit, when he is on the show he brings a little more levity to darkness that is Arrow. The Flash becomes the team's plucky comic relief.


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