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Writing For A Hobby - Something That Is Expected To Go Further

Over and over again people approach me and ask the same question:

"Why do you love to write?"

Here is the answer to that frequently asked question:

Writing has always been something I've enjoyed doing. Having the opportunity to open up the huge universe of imagination floating around in my mind is unbelievable. It's the chance to trek through the jungle and dig up the ideas that give you the potential to think way outside the small and crowded box. You have a fresh idea in your mind, get it down on paper as soon as you have it. Before you know it, you'll forget it instantly.

My Creators Homepage
My Creators Homepage

Becoming A Creator Has Taken My Writing To The Next Level

Getting the opportunity to be a Creator for an international company is an incredible experience. and gives you the chance to geek out and write about the television shows and films that you love to pieces.

We all have a television show or film that we love and will never get tired of. Just by re-watching these shows/films, you begin to notice the small things that not many people will have noticed. You then get that whole inspiration of wanting to share what you have found out with the people across the world. Movie Pilot has been fantastic when it comes to sharing your work. I recently re-watched 'Toy Story' and noticed hidden Easter Eggs in the film that were linked with the horror film 'The Shining'. I whizzed together an article to share what I'd noticed with everyone else. Movie Pilot gained an inspiration from this and shared it across social media to grab peoples attention. This then brings the spotlight onto me to see what else I've written. Having the simple knowledge like that really gives you the chance to open up about your ideas.

The Experience Of Being A Creator

Being a Creator has given me the opportunity to meet and work with fantastic people. Meeting a load of Creators from the same country as me opened up a new branch of films for me to watch then get to pen and paper to share my thoughts on the films. Whether it's looking for Easter Eggs or simply writing a review about it. No matter what you think, it's your opinion at the end of the day, if people don't like it, then there's not much they can do about it. Don't let anyone put you off writing.

I've been a Creator since late November/early December back in 2014. In 2014 I started my Film and Television course in Salisbury. This was another chance to open up with my writing, which it has! I write screenplays for my own film company 'Small Steps Productions'. When I started college, I became close friends with most of the people on the course. One person realising that I love to geek out over 'Doctor Who'. He knew I had bright ideas crawling around the back of my mind that I needed to get out and share. He then introduced me to Movie Pilot and actually explaining that I can geek out as much as I can. Look at me now, articles are flying out of my mind near enough everyday!

Would I Recommend Becoming A Creator To Someone?

Without doubt, defiantly! I've already recommended it to someone. You may not expect it but it does shine a light down on you. I was wearing my Creators T-Shirt across town and actually had someone come up to me and praise me for my writing. Don't be shy and be scared to share your ideas. You may think that people will dislike your ideas, but you can't help what you love. Whether you're a fan of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' or 'The Big Bang Theory', become a Creator and meet people with the same interests as you. Get inspiration to watch shows/films you've not even heard of before.

The UK Creators Team
The UK Creators Team

Movie Pilot / Creators offers you the chance to join the Movie Pilot Academy and actually improve your articles. Whether it's punctuation, grammar or structuring, the friendly team will kindly point out the mistakes and walk you through how to make the changes and make your work bigger and better than others. You eventually get given a mentor that will sit and read through your articles to make sure it's top notch. If it is, they're likely to recommend it to the Facebook team and you'll become Movie Pilot famous! Eventually your mentor will push to apply to become a Verified Creator. Basically that means you're so good that you get paid for writing your amazing articles.

Even if it's just one article, get writing and join the incredibly friendly community. It's an experience that I will never forget.


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