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(Captain America: Civil War SPOILERS can be found below! Proceed with caution if you haven't seen the film yet.)

The internet has been buzzing with questions about the fate of our favorites characters from Captain America Civil War. Theories and ideas about what took place during the events of the film are on everyone’s mind. One question that took the internet by storm is perhaps the most important question anybody has ever asked:

Does Bucky ever get those plums?

Our real first look at the Winter Soldier in Civil War is when he's persuing a fruit stand looking to purchase some plums. Clearly, the super assassin has a soft spot for those sweet treats. Unfortunately for Steve's best friend, Bucky is recognized by a nearby stand owner and has to go on the run before he can receive the plums. This little event has spurred a heated fan response as we all have hoped that Bucky was able to enjoy a quick snack before running for his life. Check out some of the twitter responses:

Now, we have the definitive answer!

No, Bucky never got to eat the plums!

His hungry anger ("hanger") probably contributed to the following scene:

This weekend, Sebastian Stan joined Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie on stage at Wizard World Philadelphia. The actor behind Steve's best friend revealed to those gathered that Bucky didn't get any plums! In fact he told us he still hasn't eaten a plum!

Fear not! They came prepared!

Do you see how excited he is?!?
Do you see how excited he is?!?

After the outcry of disappointment from all the fans, the host, Andy Signore of Screen Junkies, brought out a brown paper bag. He handed the bag to Stan who proceeded to take a plum out and sink his teeth into it! Finally, Bucky can enjoy his favorite fruit! However, not only did Sebastian Stan get to enjoy a juicy plum but he had enough to go around. Chris Evans got a plum, Anthony Mackie got a plum, even the moderator was offered some delicious fruit.

Apparently, plums aren't only loved by the Winter Soldier but the Falcon as well! After receiving his plum, Anthony Mackie excitedly exclaimed: “You are like the Oprah of Comic Cons!”

If you were worried about the Winter Soldier and his plum issues, you can finally sleep easy. After nearly a month of missing out on plums, our favorite sidekick (sorry, Falcon! We love you too!) got to eat the perfect snack! Let's hope the Wakandans are as hospitable to the Winter Soldier.


Are you relieved knowing Bucky finally got his plums?


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