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Not many peoples can claim they make a living playing dead!

There is one woman, however, who can! Sonya Thompson, from Hall County, Georgia, has a pretty impressive Hollywood resume. She's been in Night of the Jackals, Zombieland, Ben 10: Alien Swarm, Halloween II (2009), and The Walking Dead, among other shows and movies.

Sonya, before and after!
Sonya, before and after!

Her role in quite a few of them? A dead person! Whether it be a zombie, dead patient, or a ghost, Sonya has made quite the name for herself playing dead.

A good sign you're great at playing dead?

You have your own IMDB page, for starters.

After that, comes your very own Walking Dead Wikia page!

You get articles written about you like this one and this one.

(Yes, I linked back to my own page. Why? Well, why not!)

Your Facebook page is pretty darn popular.

And of course, you have your own page called!

Sonya says one of her favorite projects was Zombieland, and who could blame her?

Zombies, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, and BILL ###' MURRAY?

Heck yeah!

She played the lunch lady zombie in that movie, and her scene is a deleted scene called "Ziploc Bags." It's actually a pretty good rule that didn't make the cut for the movie. The rule is: Keep your matches and other things that need to stay dry in Ziploc baggies.

Here's a screenshot of her her chowing down on a poor soul who was distracted by trying to light a soggy match:

courtesy Sonya's Facebook page
courtesy Sonya's Facebook page

The full video of that deleted scene is here:

Zombieland even had a zombie training video that featured Sonya:

From her YouTube channel, you can see her role in Night of the Jackals, her first zombie role ever:

Here is a shot from her Facebook, up close and personal with her Jackal zombie!

courtesy Sonya's Facebook page
courtesy Sonya's Facebook page

*Edit 1*
On her Facebook, she replied to my post sharing this article (very quickly and very nicely, I might add!), and shared this picture of Halloween 2:

courtesy Sonya's Facebook page
courtesy Sonya's Facebook page

She played the dead nurse at the bottom left. Here she is with Michael Myers himself, Tyler Mane (Sabretooth from X-Men!):

courtesy Sonya's Facebook page...big boy!
courtesy Sonya's Facebook page...big boy!

As for The Walking Dead, she's played a walker in six whopping episodes! Doesn't that beat out Greg Nicotero for the top spot? She's been in four in the first season and two in the second.

*Edit 2*
Also on her Facebook page, Sonya let me know that she was actually in five episodes in Season 1 and four episodes in Season 2 — even better!

You had one job, IMDB!

Here's the lovely deadhead she played in the episode Vatos, from Season 1:

courtesy Sonya's Facebook page
courtesy Sonya's Facebook page

Here was an international promo shot of one of her walker roles in TWD:

courtesy Sonya's Facebook page
courtesy Sonya's Facebook page

She is one of the most recognized faces on TWD ads — do you remember that face?

Like most stars from The Walking Dead, she enjoys meeting her fans at conventions whenever she can, so maybe she'll show up at a walker-con near you someday!

Check out her website or Facebook page for more awesome photos and fun facts about this professional zombie!


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