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In the wake of Daniel Craig's withdrawal from the James Bond franchise, a myriad of speculations regarding of who will be the next British Secret Service agent circulated among fans and moviegoers of the film series. Well-known actors such as Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, and Tom Hiddleston were the fan-favorites and one of them was even rumored to take over the throne.

However, the casting for James Bond always tend to surprise the audience - just recently with the latest update that the The Divergent series star Theo James was reportedly confirmed for the iconic role.

According to an article from the website Master Herald, the 31-year old British actor has been confirmed to be the next Agent 007, following the 4-time James Bond actor Daniel Craig. Elba and Hardy may have an edge in terms of acting abilities while Hiddleston is probably the most favored actor but James may be the destined one for the role - even his name says it all.

That being the case, the 25th James Bond movie is said to start pre-production in August and Theo James will began filming in September.

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Which actor do you think deserve to be the next James Bond?


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