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Finally Future Trunks Arc Begins! We got the first anime look of Future Trunks, Bulma, Mai and probably Black Goku. And guys what I just saw it was so intense and so electrifying that the arc already gets a 8 out 10 from me!

Future Bulma- Dragon Ball Super
Future Bulma- Dragon Ball Super

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As hinted earlier, I was expecting Future Trunks at the very last moment. But I didn’t except that Super suddenly will show a serious scene with such perfection. The last scene and the preview,

I am giving it 10 out of 10.

If this doesn’t get 10 out of 10 nothing will.

At the very end of the episode, we get our first look at Future Trunks. He is hiding, he is in a city which is completely doomed and looks like destroyed beyond repair. And you can just feel the darkness vibe with it there is no sign of life. And yeah Future Trunks looks absolutely badass and no they didn’t change his hair color in the anime it’s blue also Future Bulma's hair is blue. I kind of see why they did that. Because now even Kid Trunks is a major character; so you want some significant differences between Adult and Kid Trunks. By the way, I don’t think hair color is something we should be worried about. Maybe he just dyed his hair. And it’s obviously not a Super Saiyan blue form for those of you who are concerned.

Then we move on to the trailer of Dragon Ball Super Episode 47, and this is undoubtedly the best trailer of any episode in super till now. Also, would rank among the bests of all time. We already were excited as fuck and this trailer just blasts us away! In the trailer, we see Future Trunks, Mai , Bulma and a black demon-like character which is probably the initial form of Goku. Interestingly enough it is not yet shaped like Goku. And that is probably why in the episode 47 summary they kept mentioning him as ‘ Black ‘ and not ‘ Black Goku’. I think that will happen later on. Not sure, but probably Future Trunks himself wouldn’t know about Black Goku when he returns. Coming to think of it what if this black demon-like character comes to our timeline and then possess our timelines Goku? Once again after having similarity with Black Goku’s Potara; Demigra also has been found to have similarities with the shadow master featured in the trailer.

And we get a look at Mai. This scene has something in it. It looks like there’s no life form around Mai looks at Trunks there’s something unexplainable about this look. You can feel it. I feel a strong connection between Trunks and Mai. Everything is so perfect with this trailer you don’t know nothing and yet when Mai looks at Trunks it’s somehow emotional. Also, we got a look at Future Bulma working with some project in a tensed environment. Everything is looking its getting destroyed and in the trailer we see the moment where Future Trunks is crying and it makes me believe that Bulma probably gets killed. Because from the poster, it looks like only Mai is coming back with Trunks and there is no way Bulma could survive with that Demon like character. Also, Super’s producer has confirmed that Mai is going to have a major role in this entire arc. So keep your expectations from her high. But what major role Mai could probably have is what makes me confused.

I don’t know but this has a completely different level of darkness and seriousness. Absolutely next level stuff for Dagon Ball Super! You see everything destroyed and then this Black Demon with fiery background trying to attack Future Trunks and it has a different level of connection. It looks like it’s doomsday and the devil has come down. The black demon- I am referring him by that name because it sounds appropriate. Looks pretty scary, he is not a human like character. He looks like a demon. Pretty much how humans define a scary looking dangerous being. Even the caveman’s used to draw these types of things as the symbol of scary stuff.

So everything is intense and even the animation quality looks like next level stuff. Osamu Nozaki the producer of Dragon Ball Super earlier said that the next arc is going to take Dragon Ball series to a new height and I see what he meant now.

Okay, I am ending this with title and summary of episode 47.

The title of episode 47 is- “SOS From The Future! A Black New Enemy Appears! “

Summary- “ With the threat of the androids resolved, a new menace threatens the world of the future! A man suddenly appears and goes on a rampage, driving humanity to the brink of extinction. Future Trunks resists but even the power of a Super Saiyan is no match for this man called ‘ Black ‘. Future Bulma resolves to ask help from Goku and Vegeta in the world of the past. After taking half a year to gather enough fuel for a one-way trip in the time machine, the formidable foe “Black” bars Bulma and Trunks’s way. “
Future Trunks Blocks
Future Trunks Blocks

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