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I don't know about anyone else, but after watching Zombieland, I've got a serious case of Jesse Eisenberg fever!

And the cure for that fever? Definitely not more cowbell...

More Jesse!

So here's a list of geeky little guys like Mr. Eisenberg taking on bullies, jocks, and general assbutts, and coming out on top!

Cursed – Jimmy vs. Bo

One of the best 'nerdy nice guy vs. d-bag jock' movie scenes that I've ever seen is where Jesse's character Jimmy takes on three wrestlers, and cleans all their clocks. The best part is where he body slams the team captain, Bo, played by Milo Ventimiglia. All the jokes about internalized homophobia, and a whole crapload of other big words, just makes the hatred that werewolf Jimmy and in-the-closet Bo have for each other all the more funnier.

Captain America: The First Avenger – Steve Vs. Loud Jerk

There's really no need for an explanation here. If you're on this site, reading all the wonderful articles it has to offer, then all you need to do is repeat after me: “I could do this all day!”

Spider-Man – Peter Parker vs. Flash Thompson

This scene is a little harder for us who were nerds in high school (and may still be) to identify with. Sure, seeing Peter bust Flash up is great, but the guy has super spider powers. And even if I'd gotten those powers in high school, but if I went up against someone as big as Joe Manganiello...huh way.

Did you know Flash was played by this guy?!

Three O'Clock High – Jerry vs. Buddy

A good example of how even though a movie is a stinker at the box office, it can become a cult classic, this movie's ending fight scene almost makes me feel bad for Buddy Revell, played by Richard Tyson. Not only does he get knocked out by mild-mannered Jerry Mitchell (Casey Siemaszko), but with his own brass knuckles!

Back to the Future – too many to count!

If I had to pick one HELL YEAH! scene out of them all, this would be it-

But really, how can you choose just one scene out of all three of these glorious movies?

How about seeing Marty taking Biff down, now? Here he is, inventing the worlds' first skateboard-

Here's one from part 2-

And part 3, with some horsesh!

Nerd power!

If I missed any underdog movies...let me know!


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