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We are a few months away from ‘Suicide Squad’ and with promoting from the film on the rise, WB/DC continues with ways to further elevate the movie. They’ve shown a “Secret Screening” to a selected group of filmgoers, revealing to them an “unfinished cut” of the movie. A few days ago, we were given the chance to buy tee shirts, seat belts and back packs, labeled with the approaching movie. Mattel multiverse action figures of Harley Quinn and Deadshot, and Jared Leto donning his Joker costume for Skrillex and Rick Ross’s Music Video were also announced. The actor posted pictures across all forms of his social media’s; Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, giving awareness to the fans that something new is coming. Many were believing he’d be doing more reshoots to the Squad movie, with other’s thinking he was in London for the ‘Justice League’ movie.

Of course, these theories were laid to rest once he was found to be in Miami for the untitled music video. After this event had settled, there were varieties of other things released for the DC fans. Enough to keep them at bay, until the June 28th digital release of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Cut' or for those patiently waiting for the physical Blu-Ray and DVD copies on July 19th.

As of today, there’s been a leaked photo from another music video. The guys over at DC Comics and Movies found this photo from a user on Twitter.

It’s unclear who the person is inside the cage. Their appearance without a shirt, caused me to assume it’s Leto’s Joker again. But it could be anyone. This may possibly be another song included on the Suicide Squad soundtrack. For now, we will have to wait until July 1st to see the entire video, if that is to be the actual release date. For now, we are given this.

Catch 'Suicide Squad' in theaters August 5th and don't forget to grab the epic film, 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Cut' digitally on June 28th and physical copies on July 19th.

What are your thoughts on a possible second Music Video?


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