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Yes. The summer holidays are here. And the cinema halls are filled with kids, families and more audiences. This is indeed healthy for the movie industry where piracy seems to be at peak. I am very excited for the string of movies coming out this June. One of which I really looked forward to was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of Shadows. As much as the first one was not well received by many, fans of the turtles stood by the film. I was one of them and seems like I have been rewarded by this sequel. I have watched every Ninja Turtle movie, so when I watched Out of the Shadows, I was amazed and finally the makers got it right this time around.

1. Finally the movie is about the Turtles not about the Humans

That's right. We have more screen time with the turtles. We get to see Leo getting pissed with Ralph. We get to see Mikey being an idiot and having his moments during the climax. We get to see Ralph as the muscle of the group and there is also another side of him , which I do not want to spoil here. Donnie seems to have an upgrade and is like the Iron Man of the team. We also see how the turtles have difficulties working as a team and how they come together to save New York City. As a TMNT fan, I really liked how Director David Green showed the strength and the weakness of the Turtles.

2. Fans finally got what they wanted

At least in the first 2 films in the 90s and the one that came out in 2014, we got the opportunity to see the supporting characters from TMNT; April O'Neil, Splinter and Shredder.

Even though Casey Jones has appeared in every TMNT film, this is "The Arrow" as Casey Jones. Seeing Stephen Amell , smiling and kicking some ass is really refreshing. We get to see this Casey Jones taking on the classic villains; Rocksteady and Bebop.

After decades, we get to see these 2 on the big screen. Big, ugly dumb and funny as well. This time these 2 were the comical relief of the film and sorry Mikey, you have competition. Every scene with Bebop and Rocksteady worked. Even if its with their boss, Shredder, or with Casey Jones, and yes even with the Turtles, they get your attention.

Baxter Stockman, played by Tyler Perry, did a pretty good job as the comical but evil scientist. Wish they had more screen time for him. Those who followed the 80s cartoon series will know what happened to him, lets see if that happens in the next sequel.

Krang is finally on the big screen! Thank you Michael Bay for making this happen. He seems to be the formidable villain this time for the turtles compared to their arch nemesis, Shredder.

3.More Action!!!!

Well if the titles suggests, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Out of the shadows, you don't expect an documentary film about four turtles, swimming out of the water. 5 minutes into the movie and we are with the turtles, in a chase sequence. And in the next 15 mins we have Casey Jones, being Casey Jones. We have also a scene in a police station where our heroes are trying to get an important item which I wont be going into detail. Then we are taken to Brazil and there is one roller coaster ride of action , from the plane to the waterfalls. Its just one long action scene which is the biggest plus of the film. The climax battle may remind us of the previous installment but only better. We have 2 fight sequences going on, and we go back and forth. So be prepared for mind blowing actions in Michael Bay style.

4. Nostalgic Experience.

In the 80s cartoon series, there was a season where Shredder and The Turtles race against each other to find some extra terrestrial artifacts to create a portal. Shredder needs them badly as he needs to bring back Krang's technodrome to Earth to create chaos. The Turtles need it so as to prevent this catastrophe. This movie devolves into this story line and somehow package it nicely in 1hr 52 mins.

Somehow every scene and the story telling reminds the audience of the 80s cartoon. The party wagon is back . The classic song is also finally attached to the credits of the movie.

Thank you Michael Bay and David Green for an awesome TMNT movie we fans and audience deserved after decades.

So if you want fun, action and spend time with your family and friends, this one Summer movie that I highly recommend.

Till then, Cowabunga dudes!


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