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Since it's official that the film rights for Namor, the Sub-Mariner are now back home with Marvel, the talk now is about who can fill the role. There is no question that Namor is a man with a strong presence in the history of the Marvel universe. Anyone vying for this role must be able to walk, talk, and have the aura of a King. It's one thing to say you want to play Namor, but people tend to forget that his world isn't just about the battles above ground, it's also about Namor's empire below-the city of Atlantis.

There is also the question about which Namor will we see onscreen. Will we see a younger version, the Prince of the Seas? Will we see a older, battle worn King of Atlantis? Regardless of the version, one thing is certain:

Will we see Namor in the MCU? Maybe...

So time to get a list going on who can play the mighty Atlantean. I feel that an Asian actor would be great for the role, but there are some other actors than can too so let's see some names.


Tell me this guy isn't NAMOR. Brian, who plays Shredder in TMNT 2 (in theaters now) recently stated that he WANTS to play Namor. The 39 year old Japanese -American fits the role and he is at a prime age to do it. Not a bad choice here.


You'll recognize him from The Fast & The Furious, The Man with the Iron Fists, Marco Polo, Die Another Day, or some modeling work he did in the past. He's a strong presence as a villain and has showed in his work that he can be quite angry. The 44- year old DC native has the body shape and look for Namor, so he could be a great fit too.


There have been plenty of fan casts linking Zachary's name with The King of Atlantis. What's there to add? He has the look, character feel (anger, tone, etc.) shape, and the talent to join the MCU and immediately make an impact. The 39- year old Pittsburgh native IS NAMOR.


The Canadian CW star of The Originals may not be a household name with Marvel fans, but he does not lack the talent for this role. Very well rounded and very capable of playing Namor as a King, Daniel has sleek, old school feel that can play well with The Sub-Mariner since the Atlantean is almost 100 years old. Fans of The Originals will agree that this part of Namor lore fits Daniel since his character on The CW is centuries older than Namor.

There is a lot of talent out there, and as the conversation picks up speed on this casting, I predict more actors will throw their name in the hat to play the Prince of The Seas, KING OF ATLANTIS, NAMOR THE SUB-MARINER!

And it's about time!

Who is your favorite to play NAMOR on the big screen? Comment below!


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