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Hey guys! I am really excited to share with you my thoughts on the upcoming Season 3 of The flash. I hope you enjoy this post.

The last episode "The Race of His Life" left off on a huge cliffhanger. Barry actually went back in time, and saved his mom. Now, in the last season finale, Barry tried to do the same thing, but he hid behind the door instead. Now since the timeline was changed, Season 1 Barry dissipated right in front of Season 2 Barry's eyes. Here are my theories on what's going to happen next.

1) The Reverse Flash and The Flash are going to have an epic battle in his house

For all I know, this alternate timeline that Barry created may be the timeline the Reverse Flash was from. Maybe, just maybe, in the season 3 finale, the Flash might have to travel back in time, to stop the Reverse Flash from killing him, but with the cost of Nora's life. If you don't know what I mean, look down below at the video.

2) Barry will kill Nora to save the time line

I know this might sound a bit crazy, but this could happen. Barry could be like, "I'm so sorry." Then stab nora in the heart with a knife. Again, this might sound like the craziest thing in the world, but it's still a theory, and it could happen.

3) Barry will talk to Nora about his timeline

Barry will probably try to tell Nora that he is the flash, and tell her all the stuff that happened if he didn't save her, which would probably unintentionally make Nora convinced that she must sacrifice herself in order for her son to have the life he wanted as the flash, and being with Iris.

4) Barry will lose his speed

This theory I am 90% sure will happen because there was no Eobard to help give Barry his speed. Or Barry will just lose his speed exactly like Eobard did. Maybe, just maybe, if Barry is considered a "time remnant" of his timeline, then he could have his speed.

5) Barry will get chased by time wraiths

We already saw what will happen to Barry after he interfered with his past in the episode "Flashback". Now, this is an even bigger change than before, and I think the time wraiths are going to even more angered at Barry then they were with Zoom, considering Barry changed a crucial moment in time.

6) Flashpoint Paradox

This is the most common theory of all. Basically, Flashpoint paradox is what happened when Barry saved his mom(like now). If you want to find out what Flashpoint paradox is, click this link: Basically, tons of bad stuff happen just because Nora is alive. I feel kind of bad for Nora. All the good stuff can only happen if she's dead.

7) We will meet the original Harrison Wells, along with Tess Morgan

Without Eobard to kill Harrison or Tess, they will be alive in well. If you don't remember this, the original Harrison Wells launched the particle accelerator successfully in 2020. I think Barry is gonna try for Harrison/Harry to get the particle accelerator to explode to give him his speed(a controlled particle accerlator explosion, like rupture).

8) More Reverse Flash moments/fights

If you saw season 1, the reverse flash claimed to have fought barry many, many times, but they weren't able to defeat each other. Nora was of course, alive in Eobard's time line, otherwise he wouldn't be able to kill her.

9) A different Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon

Since there was no Barry as the flash to influence there lives, they were definitely going to be different people. Also, Caitlin might even turn into Killer Frost, we will never know until Season 3 comes out. I also think that Cisco may never get his powers, due to the particle accelerator not exploding. Maybe Cisco will still hate Hartley, and all that time travel back in the episode "Flashback" would have been for nothing.

10) Barry may not work for the CCPD anymore

I'm not entirely sure about this, but I think Henry going to jail influenced his decision a lot about joining the CCPD, and Joe being in the CCPD. Remember, this may not be entirely true, it's just a theory.

Question Time!

1) What happened to Zoom? Is he still alive and well because Barry saved his mom?

2) What happened to Iris and Barry? Will they still be married(remember, they were friends before Barry moved in to their house)?

3) What will change from having the particle accelerator explode or not? What is going to happen if it works?

Thank you for reading this post! Which theory of mine do you think will happen? If you have any questions or comments, please post comments below, it really helps my post. Thank you!

P.S I hope that the season 3 of the flash will come very "fast"(pun of the day)


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