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Bruce Banner's big green counterpart has come a long way since Lou Ferrigno first played him in 1977. We've seen good CGI Hulk in The Avengers, bad CGI Hulk in Ang Lee's Hulk, and somewhere in-between-ish CGI in The Incredible Hulk. Today I'm going to go through some of the coolest things Hulk has done, exclusively in films (because there's a whole other article in his animated career). So without further ado, here's some stuff the Hulk has done that I think was pretty awesome.

*Mild spoilers for some of the movies the Hulk is in*

5. Sky Dive

Hulk sky dive
Hulk sky dive

In a desperate attempt to save lives from Abomination, and with the Hulk seemingly purged from his bloodstream, Bruce Banner jumps out of a plane to try and bring the monster out to play. Obviously, he survives and the Hulk caps off the film with a smashing fight against his foe, but the smashing through the ground at terminal velocity and subsequent emergence as the Hulk is a sight to behold. Even the way he breaks out of the concrete is intense. It's just a shame the rest of the film couldn't keep up this level.

4. Bro Fist

Hulk punches thor
Hulk punches thor

The Chitauri space-worm has been brought down, Thor and Hulk stand triumphant over its body, surveying the civilians they have saved. Hulk doesn't quite have the restraint of the son of Odin, so he spoils the moment by smashing Thor through a wall, probably landing halfway across the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, the moment was so iconic that it was re-purposed in the animated show, Avengers Assemble but with a twist.

3. Round Of Applause

hulk... clap!
hulk... clap!

Maybe this one isn't as epic as the rest of these, and No. 4 has definitely been remembered more. That doesn't change the fact that I think it's really awesome. A helicopter is on fire, and the Hulk puts it out by...clapping. Yeah, I know it sounds a bit stupid, but it totally checks out, even if the helicopter should probably be sent flying.

Still, being strong enough to put out fires with the strength of your own applause is pretty damn sweet.

2. Puny God

I am a god you dull creature!
I am a god you dull creature!

Another iconic moment from The Avengers, there's a good chance you've seen Hulk smashing Loki back and forth before walking away and muttering "puny god" to himself. Here it is below:

It's really the timing of Hulk's assault that makes this moment sing, with it interrupting Loki's egotistical speech. The suddenness, the placement during a battle, and just everything about this scene make it a perfect use of Hulk and a great comedic diversion.

1. I'm Always Angry

That's my secret
That's my secret

Yes, of course this one tops the list. When you hear someone mention the Hulk, you think of this incredible scene. Showing up when everything looks a bit problematic, Banner reveals the secret of how he stays calm, looking back over his shoulder and saying "I'm always angry," before punching a giant alien space worm right on the noggin.

t's the kind of iconic scene that few movies can claim to possess. The way the music cues, the flawless transition from man to monster, the beautiful aerial shot, and the raw power that's clearly on display are what makes this the greatest thing the Hulk has ever done on screen.

Wrapping Up

So those were my picks for the best moments Hulk has had on the big screen. Feel free to vote on your picks below, or even comment a new entry if you think I missed anything. Until next time though guys, just be sure to enjoy your life.


What's your favourite Hulk moment?


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