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Marvel's Doctor Strange doesn't come out until next November, but it looks like the merchandising team has already begun their slow takeover of the market. Although it's not a lot, we do do see some great new shots of #Benedict Cumberbatch as mind-bending sorcerer in action (magic and all)! Take a look for yourself:

A Mind-Bending Mug

The mug looks pretty great, with one side showing off the logo (this time in a gradient gold), and the other side featuring the Doctor doing his thing. Straight and curved lines go back and forth on the side with the logo, presumably to give the sense of magic. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange (in full costume) is performing magic, with a background more akin to what we'll end up seeing in the movie itself. The inside of the mug contains a logo at the redesigned Eye of Agamotto, which is hung around Strange's neck.

Take a Shot at These, Too!

After the mug, we see two shot glasses, but featuring the Sorcerer Supreme practicing his magic. The first shows something of a portal, with him prominently inside of it, while the other is the same shot (get it?) we see on the mug.

The Most Eloquent Lunchbox You've Ever Seen

Fitting in with the "superhero lunchbox" stereotype, Doctor Strange finds himself plastered on another metal box. The pose and background is the same as the portal-shot glass, this time with a shiny logo placed underneath. The sides also show the logo (with a similar background), and it's probably safe to assume the other side has the same artwork is this side.

The Second Most Eloquent Lunchbox You've Ever Seen

This lunchbox doesn't recycle the image of Doctor Strange, instead putting him in a more active position. With his graceful stance, billowing cape, and magical aura, this is the character we can't wait to see on the screen. The background is also new, showing off glowing lines and glowing circles (which is basically what the magic will look like in the movie).

No word yet on where you can get it, but this is just a taste of what's hitting stores later this year. So keep your eye (of Agamotto) out for more Doctor Strange merch!

Which piece of merchandise do you like the most?


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