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History of the 'Power Rangers' in a few words.

The newest attempt at a reboot coming next year is that of Rangers (2017). The reboot will be based off of the hit children's series, "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers", created by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy. Since the conception of the original children's program in 1993, the series has expanded to over 20 seasons based on the original concept by Saban and Levy. As well as two poor attempts at cinematic features which weren't received very well at all. But now that the franchise is being rebooted, we have a more modern day take on the Power Rangers to look forward to.

The reboot of Rangers is currently under production and filming in Steveston, British Columbia. New images from the set have revealed the Red Ranger (Dacre Montgomery) in action, but more importantly, another image has made its way online. The implications of that image are far-reaching, as well as revealing of the current plot of Power Rangers (2017).

New image of color-coordinated weaponry creates the basis for a sixth Ranger to be introduced.

The image in question displays a set of color-coated weapons which correspond to each Power Ranger's respective suit's color. Currently, we only know of five Rangers being introduced in the film. The Rangers will be portrayed by actors, Dacre Montgomery, Ludi Lin, Becky Gomez, RJ Cyler, and Naomi Scott. Apart from them, there has been mass speculation that a sixth Ranger would join the main cast of Power Rangers at some point in the film. And with this new image from the set of the film, it may just provide the evidence we need to confirm the addition of a sixth Power Ranger to the rest of the cast. But who could be playing this mystery Power Ranger?

Implications of the weaponry in the image, embedded above.

Within the image, the color-coordinated weapons are designated to each of the five Power Rangers, but there are six colored weapons here. The sixth weapon appears to be of a silver or white color, which implies that a Ranger whose yet to be revealed will join up as either the White or Silver Ranger.

The possibility of another Ranger joining up makes sense, seeing is how almost every season of the "Power Rangers" television series has introduced a sixth member to the team. And accounting for six color-coated weapons being present when only five colored weapons should be present, it more than implies the addition of a sixth Ranger to the new reboot of Power Rangers.

Who could plausibly portray a sixth Power Ranger.

Back to who may be portraying this sixth Power Ranger. There have been no confirmed additions to the cast of Power Rangers which would create the basis for a sixth Ranger possibly being added to the cast. However, the addition of a sixth Ranger's weapon in the aforementioned image could have a variety of meanings. For one, the silver/white colored weapon could belong to a veteran Ranger who we may only see briefly during the film. Or the weapon could belong to another Ranger who joins the team at a later point in the film. But in all likeliness, those color coated weapons could belong to an entirely different team of Power Rangers seen in the beginning of the film, who are defeated by Rita Repulsa. Which would call for another team of teenagers to become Power Rangers.

However, on the far off chance that the silver/white weapon belongs to a veteran Ranger whom teaches the newly formed team of Rangers how to be Power Rangers, we may get a cameo from a long-standing staple of the Power Rangers franchise in the role of a veteran Ranger. Fans of the franchise have been speculating on, and expecting for at least one member of the central cast of "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" to make a cameo appearance in the new reboot. And accounting for the potential addition of a sixth Ranger being portrayed by a veteran of the franchise, that Ranger may be portrayed by none other than Jason David Frank.

Original cast of "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" would make the biggest statement in a cameo appearance.

In the original season of "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers", Jason David Frank played the green then white Power Ranger. In regards to Frank's involvement with the reboot, Frank has gone on to state his interest in participating in the reboot, while indicating his intent to be involved with the film in some capacity. Jason David Frank has also been known as a pivotal promoter of the franchise at multiple conventions, and continues to make appearances at fan events on a regular basis. Along with being quite informed of the production status of Power Rangers (2017), Frank may be in deeper than he has led his fans to believe. There has been no indication that Jason David Frank will receive a cameo appearance or even partially involved with the film. But with a staple of the Power Rangers franchise like Frank wanting to become involved with a movie that only came to be, because of Frank's part in "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", the directors and producers of the reboot would be foolish to ignore him. That's not to say he'll receive a cameo appearance at all, but an appearance from Jason David Frank would greatly benefit the new reboot by including a staple of the original series for which the film is based upon.

Jason David Frank, original Green/White Ranger.
Jason David Frank, original Green/White Ranger.

That being said, the aforementioned image of Power Ranger weaponry still proves that another Ranger will be added to the team of five Rangers we already have assembled. Despite not knowing how the mystery Ranger will be introduced in the film, the best case scenario would be to have Jason David Frank return as the White Power Ranger, if only for a cameo appearance. Along with Frank portraying the White Ranger as a callback to his role in the original "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", his role in the reboot could fit perfectly into the structure of the film if he's portrayed as one of the original Power Rangers who passes on the extraterrestrial Power Gems which give the Rangers their power; imminently before he's killed off. That would give Jason David Frank an opportunity to make a huge statement on the big screen, providing a callback to an iconic role, while also giving fanboys of the Power Rangers franchise something to gawk over when they go home from the film.

What do you think? Have any thoughts, leave them in the comment section below.

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Should Jason David Frank return as the White Ranger in the reboot of Power Rangers? Or should another White Ranger be named?


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