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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7. If you're not up to date yet somehow ended up here by accident, it's not too late to save yourself - take your walk of atonement back to the previous page. Shame!

If you haven't yet recovered from this week's Game of Thrones don't be worried, neither have I. Episode 7 revisited several storylines from the past as well as planning toward the future. Lets take a look at the 6 moments that have us unable to lift our jaws from the floor.

1. Arya stabbed?!

I didn't see this coming. Arya, all confident and resembling her former self, books passage on a ship back to Westeros. While staring into the sunrise, Arya is attacked by an old lady who reveals herself to be the Waif in disguise. The Waif brutally stabs her several times as well as slicing her across the chest. Arya dives into the water but re-emerges in pain, covered in blood. She wanders aimlessly through the crowd, but no help comes her way. Surely this can't be the last of the beloved Stark warrior? Moreover, H'ghar told the Waif to prevent Arya from suffering - yet she chose to stab her several times. Something's not right here and only time will tell of this wolf has howled her last breath. She can't die, right?

2. The Hound is alive!

I knew we were in for a treat when the opening credits didn't roll straight away. Instead we were transported immediately to a new location and storyline. Within minutes, I found myself wondering "why are we here?", then Ian McShane appeared on screen - I'd almost forgotten he was cast in season 6 - which led to the big reveal of tonight's episode: The Hound is alive! Unfortunately this new storyline didn't last very long and seemed only to serve the purpose of making The Hound believe that he was given a second chance. In the final scene of the episode, Clegane picks up the axe - perhaps indicating that The Hound and his vicious ways are back for good.

3. Margaery conspiring against the Faith?

In a rather slow episode, Diana Rigg and her incredible performance as Lady Olenna Tyrell was the highlight of the night. Her vicious tongue took on the Septa that accompanied Margaery, as well as giving Cersei a case of "this is how it is", practically calling her a complete failure. Yikes! Margaery worries for Olenna's safety after the High Sparrow informs her that she should look out for her grandmother. Margaery immediately meets with Olenna and despite appearing totally devoted to the Faith, Margaery slips a piece of paper into Olenna's hand. Furthermore, Margaery pleads with her to return to Highgarden. Olenna agrees and leaves the room. The paper reveals a drawing of a rose - the Tyrell house sigil. Margaery is evidently remaining loyal to her house, meaning that her alliance with the Faith is false.

4. Yara and Theon Headed for Meereen

Yara and Theon are still in hiding from their uncle Euron Greyjoy. Hiding out in a tavern, the pair discuss their next move. Yara comments about the stolen ships, before making it clear that she plans to take the ships to Meereen to pay a visit to "the Dragon Queen". As we know, Dany needs a thousand ships which is the exact number that Euron is allegedly building, so is Dany's maiden voyage to Westeros in the hands of the Greyjoys?

5. Lady Mormont's fierceness

I think I can vouch for everyone here when I thought that the young Lady Mormont would've been pleasant. The youngster provided us with comical scenes as she so fiercely shot down both Sansa and Jon's requests. Snow may have taken on a White Walker but it appeared that Lady Mormont was too much for him. Ser Davos stepped up and managed to convince the little lady to provide them with some men. Although she accepted his request, unfortunately as the Mormonts are a small house, they could only give Jon's army 62 soldiers.

6. Sansa Makes Her Loyalties Known

After confirming her identity as a Stark earlier in the episode, Sansa appeared disheartened at Jon's decision to fight with their army as it is. Sansa is convinced that they need more men, and perhaps she is right. Later, Sansa writes a letter - but we do not get to read the letter. Moreover, who is she writing to? In a final act of confirming her loyalty to her family, she signs the letter as Sansa Stark and prints it with the Stark sigil.

With only three episodes remaining this season, there's no chance that things will slow down for our favourite feuding families. Going into next week's episode we have been left with so many questions - what will become of Arya? Where is The Hounded headed? Unfortunately I cannot answer these questions and now I must bid you adieu - that is until the next episode. Pray to the Old Gods and The New for Arya - she's going to need it!

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What did you think of Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7? What was your favourite moment? Tell me in the comments below!


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