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The end of the three-year wait for one of the most highly anticipated horror sequels is right around the corner. The Conjuring 2 is days away from hitting screens around the world. Reviews have already started rolling in and just recently a new featurette with the cast and crew hit the internet, which you can check out here.

As we count down to The Conjuring 2, let us revisit the first James Wan film that conjured up this nightmare fuel. See what I did there? Whether these scenes scared or shocked you — or had no such effect (you brave soul) — here are the 10 best moments from The Conjuring.

10. The First Occurrence

Would you want this doll?
Would you want this doll?

Right off the bat director Wan aims to freak you out, especially all those who have a fear of dolls. The first shot you see of the film is a close-up of the infamous Annabelle doll. If you want a little history lesson on the real-life doll check out this article. Who doesn't love a good backstory?

Tormented by crayon-scrawled notes written all over the walls and loud banging on doors, two nurses seek the help of Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, respectively). They are able to get rid of the demonic presence, but this opening sequence certainly isn't the last we see of that terrifying porcelain face.

9. Wanna Play Hide And Clap?

A creepy twist on a classic children's game. The rules are as follows: One person is blindfolded and can ask the other players for three claps. If not found after the third clap, the person blindfolded loses the game. Seems fun right? Well, not in the case of Carolyn (Lili Taylor).

Thinking she has located her youngest daughter April in one of the bedrooms, Carolyn asks for her final clap. At her request, the wardrobe behind her creaks open — and a pair of gray hands slowly emerge. And clap. The scary thing? They aren't April's hands.

8. There's Someone At The Window

Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren.
Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren.

When Lorraine does the laundry, the normal becomes the paranormal. All of a sudden the clouds change, and as the audience, we know shit is about to go down. A gust of wind blows a white sheet onto a figure that is standing right beside Lorraine.

The sheet then flies up to the bedroom window where Carolyn is sleeping. Lorraine watches in horror as the witch (that hung herself in the backyard) appears in the window. What is she doing, we ask? Possessing Carolyn.

7. What's Behind The Door?

Remind anyone of sleep paralysis?
Remind anyone of sleep paralysis?

Stop grabbing my feet, Nancy — Nancy? After having her leg violently tugged by an unseen force, Christine (Joey King) awakens from her sleep and is absolutely certain that someone is lurking behind the bedroom door. When her sister Nancy (Hayley McFarland) gets up to investigate, the bedroom door suddenly slams shut.

Ever had the feeling that someone or something was watching you at night? That alone is enough to freak you out, besides being told by that same unknown figure that it wants your entire family dead.

6. Carolyn And The Cellar

Lili Taylor as Carolyn Perron.
Lili Taylor as Carolyn Perron.

Threatening to lock a potential "home invader" in the cellar, the tables turn and Carolyn finds herself in peril. A ball comes bouncing out of nowhere and a scared Carolyn goes running back up the stairs. With the lightbulb shattered, she locates a box of matches. Silence falls as Carolyn holds up the flame and the camera zooms in. A voice then whispers: "Wanna play hide and clap?"

*Cue the claps and Carolyn's screams*

5. Nancy Gets Attacked

Full-on paranormal activity! This scene is filled with intensity. The crosses begin to fall and a rumble is building. Suddenly, Nancy is yanked by her hair and thrown/dragged across the room. She is literally cut free when Lorraine grabs a pair of scissors and snips the strands that the entity has latched onto. This scene definitely had me on the edge of my seat!

4. Someone's In The Chair With Annabelle

You would definitely cry out for your grandma.
You would definitely cry out for your grandma.

When terror strikes at home! More chaos breaks out when Lorraine's own daughter Judy (Sterling Jerins) finds herself facing the horrors that have been tormenting the Perron family. Judy gets locked in a room with the cursed Annabelle doll. Come on, being locked in any room with a doll that looked like that would give any young girl nightmares.

3. Look What She Made Them Do

All the ghouls come out to play. More creepy moments ensue when Lorraine finds herself in the cellar along with the music box, after falling through the floorboards. She winds up the music box, and what does she see? A weeping woman holding a knife over the body of a maid. Plus, the hanging body of the witch drops down and swings toward her. Spine-chilling stuff indeed.

2. Never Wake A Sleepwalker

Joseph Bishara as the witch Bathsheba.
Joseph Bishara as the witch Bathsheba.

No lions here, just a witch and a wardrobe. To be honest, this was the only scene that really freaked me out. Just imagine having that demonic-looking thing pounce on you unexpectedly. With that being said, I think it's obvious why this was one of the best moments — because it was f**cking terrifying!

And a drum roll for the winning scene...

1. The Exorcism

The classic exorcism trope with a James Wan spin. The best scene by a long shot was the film's final moments — Carolyn's exorcism. Instead of seeing the physical change in Carolyn, Wan decided to cover her with a white sheet, which makes for one of the coolest and creative shots in the entire film. Carolyn lets out blood-curdling screams as the witch takes over her body, before spewing blood on the inside of the white sheet.

Another cool shot is when Carolyn levitates while strapped to the chair. The entire sequence is filled with an intense, dramatic, dark atmosphere that any exorcism-horror fan would love.

What was your favorite scene? Take the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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