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WARNING: This article contains spoilers up to and including Season 6, Episode 7 of Game of Thrones. Stop reading if you're not up to date.

For many years, we've often wondered when Daenerys Targaryen would make it to the promised land (that is Westeros), the city where everyone fights over the throne and the trials end up being fought by combat. Yes, it's a brutal world, but one that the Targaryen family have a rightful claim to.

So with that in mind, we've seen Dany take on countless challenges and she's risen to the occasion every single time. But now, as the show prepares to enter its final chapters, it's time for our favorite female character to finally make it to Westeros, but how? Watching carefully throughout Season 6 has proven beneficial, as there have been several hints dropped that could possibly lead to Dany finally making her way to Westeros.

After acquiring the army of Dothraki soldiers, Daario informed Dany that she would need a thousand ships to be able to take the Dohtraki and the Unsullied — not to mention her dragons — to Westeros. Coincidentally (or not), when Euron Greyjoy took the crown of the Iron Islands several episodes ago, he did command the island inhabitants to build him a fleet of one thousand ships. Euron also made condescending remarks about finding the dragon queen. Perhaps he will set sail for Meereen and attempt to make a deal with Dany.

On the other hand, it was revealed in "The Broken Man" that Yara and Theon are planning on taking a trip to Meereen to make a deal with Daenerys. After hightailing it from the Iron islands once their controlling, bloodthirsty uncle took hold of the crown, Yara and Theon stole the Island's best ships, so technically they do have leverage — and good ships are definitely something that would be of interest to Dany. Unfortunately for them however, they do not possess a thousand ships — whereas their crazed uncle might just complete a thousand ships — putting him at a greater advantage.

This is all just speculation from a guy who's too excited to wait a whole week for another episode, but there is definitely evidence to suggest that either way, a Greyjoy may be what Dany needs to finally step on to Westerosi land. As we saw last week, Dany is more than ready to finally jump on a boat and sail to Westeros, but first she must return to Meereen, and from looking at next week's episode promo, Tyrion and the Meereen storyline are present after being absent for several episodes, so perhaps Dany will make it back to Meereen again real soon. Things are continuing to heat up on Game of Thrones, but as we know our favorite Khaleesi can deal with the burn — perhaps she'd better start packing! The Game of Thrones is on for all of the families, but who will win? Or, perhaps the better question is, who will die?

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Where do you think Dany will acquire the one thousand ships from? Will she make it to Westeros soon? Tell me in the comments below!


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