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The Independence Day aliens proved to be camera shy little bastards who only offered us a few glimpses of their flimsy, big-headed bodies behind their White House-crushing technology in the first movie. But, it seems like the next generation are hell of a lot more brazen that the first, and a new international TV spot has blessed us with the presence of scaly royalty and shown us their horrifying queen.

So, if you don't mind knowing what the human race will be up against in Independence Day Resurgence before you hit the theater, here is a quick break down of the blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments that the alien queen appears.

Wait, What Did The Old Independence Day Aliens Look Like?

The original Independence Day aliens were more comfortable with asserting themselves through their superior technology than revealing their comparably feeble bodies, but we did get a few glimpses of the masterminds hell-bent on destroying earth.

If you need reminding what the lil critters look like, the clearest view we get is probably from the alien autopsy scene below:

And, if the dude above is too dead for you, below is a screen shot of a live alien going about it's daily telepathic terrorizing:

Take Us To Your Leader!

The 30-second international TV spot gives us a few shots of the imposing alien queen marching the streets of Earth like she owns the place, and below are some GIFs of the action we've seen so far.

I Whip My Tail Back And Forth

In true monster movie style, our first glimpse of the colossal alien focuses on her inhuman split-toed feet planted on the floor for scale.

Who Run The World?

With a fierce array of wafting tentacles and hooves big enough to crush a car like it was a hot wheels toy, you don't want to mess with this freaky female. Or, indeed, any of her henchman.

From the two snippets above, it's hard to tell if these aliens are indeed the same creature. Although the feet are different, one could be engaged in a "fight" mode while the other is in a more neutral posture. To be honest, I'm not sure which thought is more terrifying, the idea of there being two or one ultimate bad bitch on the rampage.

Check out the whole International TV spot for yourself in the video below:

Do you think the alien queen will make this the most terrifying Independence Day yet?


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