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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Preacher TV and comic series.

After a two week break following that jaw-dropping pilot episode, Preacher was back on screens last night and impressing us with Episode 2, "See."

Just like the pilot, "See" was also directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (who are also responsible for bringing the comic series to life), and they definitely delivered! "See" dealt with Jesse coming to terms with his new powers, along with more drama in Annville, and the introduction of some very interesting characters who will soon play huge roles in the Preacher universe. Intrigued? You should be. Now sit back and take a look at the 5 more kickass moments from Episode 2 of Preacher:

1. The Saint of Killers was introduced

He maybe look like a cowboy, but soon he'll be a saint
He maybe look like a cowboy, but soon he'll be a saint

We weren't exactly introduced by name, but for those of you unfamiliar with the comic series, the gentleman we met in the (quite intense) cold opening is known (or will soon be known) as The Saint of Killers. Impressive name, right? Well, he's an impressive fellow (if, one of few words).

The Saint of Killers
The Saint of Killers

While The Saint of Killers is a character we meet pretty soon into the comic series, his backstory isn't explained in the comics for some time, which is why his introduction in "See" may have come as a surprise to some. So who exactly is he? Well here's the quick version:

After he literally freezes hell over the Angel of Death makes him an offer: In return for taking on the burden of the angel (collecting the souls of those who died by violence), he will be allowed to return to earth and take revenge on the man who killed him. The man takes the deal, and the Angel of Death melts down his sword to forge two magical Walker Colt revolvers for him. He then becomes The Saint of Killers.

The Saint enters the town(e) of Ratwater
The Saint enters the town(e) of Ratwater

Given that we've seen a little of the Saint's backstory, it seems like the series might be going the route of slowly introducing him throughout Season 1 before bringing him into the series fully formed at a later date. While this would be quite different to how the comic did things, it's definitely an interesting tactic, and we should look forward to seeing more of this ass kicker in future episodes.

2. Odin Quincannon being introduced

Another moment which may have confused viewers unfamiliar with the comics was the introduction of Odin Quincannon. Odin (played by Jackie Earle Haley) was the man who showed up with his employees to present a deal to an elderly couple before destroying their home in front of their eyes.

In the comic series, Odin is a ruthless businessman from a town called Salvation, who made his fortune thanks to his meat-processing plant, and has almost total control over the town. Given that the TV series has brought Odin's storyline not only forward, but also out of Salvation and into Annville, it will be interesting to see how it is handled, and what kind of role Quincannon will have in Season 1.

Fans will also be dying to know if one of the most shocking moments from the comics makes it into Quincannon's storyline. Fingers crossed.

3. The bloody church showdown

Fans of The Walking Dead will already know that AMC doesn't shy away from violence, and this bloody fight scene in Jesse's church totally proved that.

After two mystery, hat-wearing gentlemen attempt to extract the mysterious shadowy force residing inside a passed-out Jesse Custer, things looked pretty dire for our leading man when it appeared one of the men was about to churn him open with a chainsaw. However the pair were soon interrupted when Cassidy returned to the church with the the most perfect of timing, and instead of Jesse's death we were treated to an all-out church brawl. Go on, watch the scene again, you know you want to:

4. Tulip once again being badass

There's no doubt about it, Cassidy and Tulip have easily been the best parts of Preacher so far. Sorry Jesse, but you know it's the truth.

Between Tulip being baptized, stealing Jesse's steering wheel ("Jesus take your wheel?"), playing (and winning) poker in a whorehouse, and then appearing to kidnap Jesse and lock him up, I'm totally in love with this character and I know you guys must be as well.

Obviously Tulip is in town to try and recruit Jesse for a job, and seems pretty intent on hanging around until he agrees to partake. During the "kidnapping" scene Tulip alluded to an old acquaintance named Danny who wants a map that Tulip possesses in return for some sort of information. It definitely seems like there's much more to be explored with this mysterious Danny, and given that Tulip will soon be traveling to Houston to meet Danny for the exchange, I'd say it won't be long until we find out.

5. Jesse finally beginning to understand his powers

After commanding a dog to stay silent, Jesse started to get an inkling of his powers this episode and by the time the episode was over I think it's fair to say he's grasped them completely.

Thankfully there were no parishioners cutting out their still-beating hearts this week (RIP Ted), but there was a pedophilic bus driver named Linus who was forced to forget the young girl with whom he was infatuated.

After noticing the impact his commands had on Ted, the barking dog and Linus, Jesse then decided to try out his new powers in the dying moments of "See" when he commands a comatose and braindead local girl to open her eyes. While the episode ended before it was revealed what impact Jesse's words might have had on the girl, given that the other people Jesse has commanded have taken his commands very literally, I doubt that the girls recovery will be as miraculous as Jesse might hope. Regardless of all of this though, it's certainly very interesting to see exactly how Jesse's new powers are progressing and what he's choosing to do with them, so far using (or attempting to use) his powers purely for good. What do you think we should expect him to do next?

Preacher returns to AMC with Episode 3 "The Possibilities" on Sunday, June 12.

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