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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney
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This past Saturday the world was blessed with Hollywood Bowl's The Little Mermaid live performance featuring a brilliant cast.

While Rebel Wilson gave her perfect amount of sass — and pitch — the rest of the performances had you wishing the upcoming live-action remake stays loyal to these artists.

Hollywood Bowl 2016 Performers/Twitter via Rebel Wilson
Hollywood Bowl 2016 Performers/Twitter via Rebel Wilson

Let's take a look at how scarily accurate these adaptations are:

1. Rebel Wilson As Ursula

While delivering humor and unleashing her evil side, Rebel Wilson confirms our suspicions about Ursula: There was magic beneath that cleavage all along.

2. John Stamos As Chef Louis

We've been busy drooling over his Greek-ness, meanwhile he's been cooking up a mean French accent.

Take a look at his duet performance with Tituss Burgess:

3. Tituss Burgess As Sebastian

We expected nothing less than a dramatastic performance from Tituss. But, did anyone let Mr. Burgess know they don't serve Pinot Noir under the sea?

Little did you know, Tituss Burgess has had some practice embodying this particular crab, as he was part of the original cast of The Little Mermaid's Broadway musical adaptation.

Norm Lewis & Tituss Burgess in The Little Mermaid Broadway Musical/Playbill
Norm Lewis & Tituss Burgess in The Little Mermaid Broadway Musical/Playbill

Guess who else was?

4. Norm Lewis As King Triton

That's right, before we knew him as Olivia Pope's ex in Scandal, he was the king of the sea. Sorry, Norm, but even running for president sounds like a demotion at this point. Check him out in the original play:

5. Darren Criss As Prince Eric

Darren was his Glee-ful self while singing about his one true love's hypnotizing singing voice. Obviously, he has a type.

6. Sara Bareilles As Princess Ariel

Bareilles not only hit every note to perfection with that Little Mermaid class, but she also remembered those tough words. What are they again? Oh yeah, feet and street.

7. Jodi Benson As The Original Princess Ariel

Jodi Benson & Rebel Wilson/Twitter via Rebel Wilson
Jodi Benson & Rebel Wilson/Twitter via Rebel Wilson

The audience went through the same thing as Prince Eric when Ursula's shell broke. Remember when he was mesmerized by Vanessa only to discover the true identity behind his one true love's unforgettable voice? (Spoiler alert: it's Ariel.)

This time, we were all distracted by Sara Bareilles's bewitching voice, only to receive a surprise performance by Disney's 1989 original Ariel, voiced by Jodi Benson.

We could go on and on about our own little fan cast for The Little Mermaid's live-action Disney remake, but the Hollywood Bowl's performers have proven themselves worthy of their roles.

Should these acts be considered plausible auditions for The Little Mermaid revival?

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