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Just because Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may have had their last kiss, doesn't mean that the 26-year-old is done being a new romantic. Always one for doting on her fans, Swift surprised newlyweds Max Singer and Kenya Smith by crashing their wedding to perform a barebones version of "Blank Space" at the reception.

The perfect surprise was actually the result of months of careful orchestration between the groom's sister, Ali, and the singer. Ali wrote Taylor a heartfelt letter, describing how the couple had actually been married in a hospital months before, so that Ali and Max's mother could be there for the ceremony. Max and his mom had their dance to Swift's "Blank Space," shortly before she passed away.

The guest of honor surprised the wedding party by performing her hit song and posing for plenty of pics. Then she presented the couple with this beautiful hand made gift:

Here's a close up version of the framed water color with the words "So it's gonna be forever" with the wedding date — June 4, 2016 — in a wreath of flowers. "Max" and "Kenya" are written in each corner:

Source: Gage Simmons via Twitter
Source: Gage Simmons via Twitter

And Taylor added this adorable photo to Instagram of her with her arms around the blushing bride and the groom looking like he knows exactly how epic his wedding is:

Of course, this wasn't the first time Taylor helped lucky fans celebrate the happiest day of their lives. Katy Harris still holds the title for Biggest Swiftie when she and her husband, Chris Eisenman, had their wedding in the parking lot of Lincoln Financial Field, where Swift happened to be having a concert.

Here they are in the parking lot before the show:

After the ceremony, they celebrated their marriage by belting out the 1989 album along with the rest of the crowd, and even got called up on stage to meet their idol:

Nice one, Tay! <3

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If Taylor Swift showed up at your wedding, which song would you want her to perform?

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