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On Sunday, Paris Hilton was in for a rude awakening when her own sister outed her on Snapchat.

The two ladies appeared to pose with flower crowns around their heads on the social media app when Nicky told her sister to "stop with that f*cking voice." Ouch!

The Hilton sisters at Nicky's baby shower last week
The Hilton sisters at Nicky's baby shower last week

Apparently she's not the only one exhausted by Paris's princess-like persona she's been sporting ever since making it big on The Simple Life. Shattering the illusion, Nicky made it clear that she had had enough of her sister's bizarre and breathy vocals which she often showcases in her Snapchats. Sadly for everyone though, Paris wasn't having any of Nicky's sass and simply replied:

"I don't know how to talk in a normal voice."

She then omitted a deeper whisper, which was basically exactly the same, saying:

"Hi, I'm Paris. This is my voice."

Watch the sisterly interaction below:

So there you go guys, the secret's out — that baby husk is not how Paris actually talks (surprise, surprise!) and even her own sister thinks it's not hot.

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