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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Another Purge is coming our way, this time in the form of The Purge 3: Election Year. Fortunately for us, this world of violence and horror is only an enjoyable fiction, but like all good dystopian stories, The Purge mines the depths of our very real fears and forces us all to ask the question: "What would I do in The Purge?"

Check out 8 things you should definitely do to raise your chances of survival if the 12 hours of The Purge ever became a real thing.

1. Don't fail to prepare

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, but in The Purge this mantra can mean the difference between life and death. Whatever your tactics for surviving this 12 hours of mayhem, remember to start planning as far in advance as possible.

'The Purge' [Credit: Blumhouse]
'The Purge' [Credit: Blumhouse]

2. Get yourself a stronghold

This relies on you having the material wealth, time and resources to pull a strong base together, of course, but what else are you gonna spend your money on in Purge world? You want to get your house/castle/bunker/whatever as close to Fort Knox as you can possibly manage.

3. Plan an escape route!

Yup, this may seem to go against the "barricade the doors" mentality, but you have to remember that anything is possible. Maybe some creepy colleague who hates you has spent the last three months hiding in your attic, waiting for Purge night to stab you in the throat? Maybe whoever sold you your steel reinforced walls also sells steel-reinforced battering rams to one of your enemies, eh?

'The Purge' [Credit: Blumhouse]
'The Purge' [Credit: Blumhouse]

4. Make sure you trust who you're with

There's no good battening down the hatches if you've just barricaded yourself in with someone who wants to kill you. If you've been having an affair with your cousin's wife or swindling your old man out of a few bucks, it's maybe best to find accommodation elsewhere for Purge night.

5. Have a frank discussion with yourself about the limits of your morality

An ethical rather than a practical consideration, but remember that this is 12 hours of the year where you may have to do things you previously thought despicable. Are you honestly going to let that defenseless kid on the street into your house, or let him get beaten to a pulp by a gang of rioters? Is granny gonna slow you down? Be prepared to do whatever it takes, or live (actually, probably die) with the consequences.

'The Purge' [Credit: Blumhouse]
'The Purge' [Credit: Blumhouse]

6. Attain a decent level of physical fitness

If you can't get through a narrow window in an emergency escape, you may just find yourself lynched by a bloodthirsty mob. If you can't outrun people chasing you — or at least, outrun the other people they're chasing — you may end up meeting one of Lucille's wooden siblings.

7. Consider moving far, far away from the city.

We've only seen the effects of The Purge on urban areas in the movies, but maybe it's a lot nicer in the countryside. A nice cabin at the peak of an isolated hillside, climbable only with a complex motorized winch & pulley system might be an advantage. Or, you know, emigrate to Canada.

'The Purge' [Credit: Blumhouse]
'The Purge' [Credit: Blumhouse]

8. Don't be seduced by grand plans

Yes, it is the only night of the year where you can beat up an evil arms dealer, smack rapists with iron bars or leave a bag of flaming poop on your boss's doorstep, but is that short-lived vigilantism really worth risking your life for? Whatever your plans, make sure you set yourself realistic expectations. Let's face it: cowering behind a potted plant is probably what most of us would be best at.

The Purge 3: Election Year hit July 4, 2016 (ooh, political!). Did you think the characters handled that 12 hours of hot mess better than you would have done?

Be honest — would you survive The Purge?

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