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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The Purge is three years old today, and with three movies in as many years, this is one horror movie franchise that ain't going anywhere in a hurry. The first Purge movie made around $89 million, around 29 times its $3 million budget. It's not hard to see why people loved it so much...

With a huge premise offering an entire, corrupt world to explore, it's great that The Purge continues to be made into movies, with The Purge 3: Election Year offering the most daring satire yet.

Did you know these 6 interesting facts about The Purge?

1. Masked Maniacs

The masks worn by the freaky thugs on the street on Purge night were carefully considered, choosing from over 100 masks for the final take. The idea was to replicate the feel of Halloween, which makes sense as many people in the movie's world see The Purge as a national holiday; and, more worryingly, as a day of celebration.

2. The Purge in Real Life?

A couple of real-life crime cases have been linked to people trying to recreate The Purge in real life. Read more on those worrisome cases here and here.

3. Deep Roots

In the first movie, The Purge runs from 19:00 March 21 to 07:00 March 22. This is the night before the Vernal (or "Spring") Equinox, symbolizing the death of the old and the birth of the new, which is what Pagans traditionally equated with the coming of Spring.

4. The Origin of The Purge

Writer/Director James DeMonaco came up with the idea for The Purge when he experienced a moment of road rage. Hey, we've all been there! Luckily, DeMonaco channeled his feelings into a creative outlet rather than enacting any Purge-style antics.

5. Purge: Gender Swap

The voice used in the Emergency Broadcast System is female in the movie and male in the trailer. It's up to you how deeply you wanna read into this!

6. The Purge Abroad?

An amusing mistake within the movie comes from the filming locations. The movie is set in America, 2022, but various road markings outside the main characters' house are clearly British, such as the yellow "no waiting" lines at the curb.

Is it possible that The Purge could be real? What do you think would happen if The Purge was real? Here's some ideas. The most recent Purge movie, The Purge 3: Election Day, was released July 4, 2016.

Source: IMDb, Youtube


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