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The Harry Potter novels by J.K. Rowling where successfully adapted to the screen by Warner Brothers. When novels are adapted into films some things need to be changed or left out and this is what happened with the Harry Potter films. Here are 8 of the biggest Harry Potter differences from the books to the screen.

1. S.P.E.W.

S.P.E.W. otherwise known as "the Society for the Promotion of Elvish Welfare" was started by Hermione in her 4th year at Hogwarts. She founded S.P.E.W. after Hermione found out that House Elves did not get Holidays and where payed nothing. Harry and Ron thought she was crazy for founding a club that served no purpose since House Elves liked working for free without any holidays but they joined S.P.E.W. anyway because they where good friends. Other known members of S.P.E.W. included Dobby The House Elve (the only House Elve who supported S.P.E.W.), Neville Longbottom (Hermione scared him into joining). This club not only apparent in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire but also in the following books. In Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix, Hermione starts sewing hats and socks and leaves them lying around so that she could sneaky free the House Elves. S.P.E.W. is not even mentioned in the films and we do not even see Hermione caring for the House Elves. This cut happened because this storyline was not important enough or they did not have time in the films.

2. Harry's eyes

Harry since the first movie keeps getting comments about how he is has the same eyes as his mother, Lily Potter. In the books, Harry and his mother have green eyes. Daniel Radcliffe who portrayed Harry Potter in all eight of the films has blue eyes and in the films so does Harry. This is due to the fact and that Daniel could not wear contact lenses becomes he had a rare but extreme reaction to them that made it so that he could not wear them. This is not a major difference but in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, we see young Lily Evans as a child and she appears to have brown eyes. This sparked a small outrage between fans since through out the films they have been saying that they have the same eyes even though it seems to be that they don't.

3. Voldemort's Inbred Family

We learn a lot about Voldemort in Harry Potter in The Half Blood Prince by looking through the Pensieve which let's you look at memories. Voldemort otherwise known as Tom Riddle is a almost direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin, one of the founders of Hogwarts. In the books Harry and Dumbledore plunge into a memory and visit the house of Voldemort's grandfather. In this memory we learn that Voldemort is actually the result of centuries of inbreeding. This centuries of inbreeding led to mental instability and violence. This might explain how mentally unstable Voldemort is and it might be the cause of some of his other issues. In the Half Blood Prince film we only get to see Voldemort in his orphanage and Voldemort asking about Horcruxes but we do not get the shocking revelation about Voldemort's family. This might have been left out of the film because it was maybe too disgusting for the audience or they did not have enough time to include it into the story.

4. Percy Weasley Being a Jerk

In the Harry Potter films we do get to see Percy Weasley but he kind of disappears after the third film. This is due to the fact that the character in the novels actually graduated in the third book but Percy changes in Harry Potter and The Order of The Pheonix. In the 5th book he actually starts working as the right hand man for Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic. In the novels Percy was always seeking power and when he got promoted he was turned against his family and called them all traitors. This causes some hysteria for the Weasley house especially for Molly Weasley because she could not cope with her son hating her. In the 7th book Percy joins up with his family again and they reunite shortly before Fred Weasley gets murdered. Percy's part was cut from the films mostly because he was not an important enough character.

5. Teddy Lupin

In Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1, we very briefly find out that Remus Lupin is married to Nymphadora Tonks. In the novels this romance between them started in The Half Blood Prince and in The Deathly Hallows we find out that Tonks is pregnant which Lupin's son. She decides to name him after her recently deceased father, Teddy. Remus at first seems happy about having a child but later in the novel meets up with Harry, Ron and Hermione to ask them to go with them on the hunt for Horcruxes. Harry asks him why he is not spending time with his highly pregnant wife and he confides in them that he does not want to have the child. He claims that he has cursed the child before he was even born(he believes the child will be a Werwolf like him). This discussion ends with a argument between Harry and Lupin but they later meet up in the novel after Teddy Lupin is born and he names Harry the child's godfather. In the battle of Hogwarts, Lupin and Tonks sadly die leaving the young Teddy without any parents. In the epilogue at the end of the novel we find out that Teddy Lupin is doing well and is dating Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacourt's eldest daughter. In the films we see some hints that Tonks might be pregnant but we receive no other valuable information.

6. Dudley's Redemption

In the Harry Potter books and novels, the Dursleys are cruel and evil people that abuse Harry. The major difference between the Dursleys in the book and in the films is the extended farewell scene in the books. At the beginning of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 we see the Dursley's packing away their belongings in the car and driving off. In the books on the other hand we get Harry fighting with the Dursleys asking them to leave their home because once he leaves they will no longer be safe. After lots of arguing they leave and Aunt Petunia almost shows Harry some emotion before she leaves him and Dudley thanks him for saving his life by a Dementor in the 5th book and he tells Harry that he is not a waste of space. This is a huge deal since Dudley has only bullied Harry his entire life. A shorter version of this was actually filmed for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 but it was cut.

7. Harry Meets Draco Malfoy

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone movie we meet Draco Malfoy for the first time on the steps of Hogwart's. In the books on the other hand, Harry meets Draco Malfoy for the first time when he visits Daigon Alley for the first time in a shop for robes. Harry and Draco share a brief discussion about Hogwarts which confuses Harry a lot since Draco uses a lot of Wizard terms that Harry is not aware of. At the end of discussion Harry does not appreciate Draco because he insulted Hagrid. Later on the train to Hogwarts, Draco encounters Ron and Harry in their compartment and this is where we have the chat from the film except that this does not take place in the castle but in the Hogwarts Express.

8. Charlie Weasley

In the Harry Potter films we get to know almost all the Weasley's, even if we barely see Bill Weasley but in the novels there is one more Weasley, Charlie Weasley. Charlie has already graduated from Hogwarts when Harry joins the school but Harry hears a lot of him from Ron. We hear that Charlie was a great Quidditch Player and could of played on the national team but chose to work in Romania wrangling dragons. Harry finally meets Charlie in book 4 and according to his description he has a similar look and build to the Weasley twins. In the films Charlie is never seen or mentioned and the closest we got to seeing Charlie is in an image in the Daily Prophet that goes along with an article about the Weasley's winning gold and travelling to Egypt. Charlie can be spotted in the image in the background.


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