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Well, the numbers are in and X-Men: Apocalypse was able to rebound and do well globally. The harsh criticism of the movie, which many fans deemed unfair, did not kill the flow of ticket sales to the point of disaster. Let's review the numbers!" title="">

How did X-Men: Apocalypse do around the world?

The movie didn't do as well on the domestic front, and we can thank all the negative reviews given, which may have scarred many fans from paying IMAX or 3D prices for the film. I guess we can now start calling it the "BvS" effect. The movie did very well internationally, which should be of no surprise due to the diversity of the cast." title="">

What does this mean for the future of X-Men movies?

Not a bad turnaround for the movie. X-Men: Apocalypse had a great flow and really delivered a story very close to the comic book canon. Now, what does this mean for the future of the franchise? It looks good, no matter what the critics say. Fans really loved the new versions of Storm (Alexandra Shipp) and Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) onscreen, and Sofie Turner's JEAN GREY was't bad. Yea, some people found it hard to see her and not Sansa Stark in the role, but that's due to her wonderful talent in character immersion.

Let's not forget all the great stories yet to tell from the X-Men '80s run.

It's JEAN!
It's JEAN!

X-Men Movie Box Office History" title="">

Apocalypse didn't shatter any records for X-Men movies, but it held its own regardless of the critics and that is a testament to these great, iconic characters loved greatly by the fans. If you haven't seen it yet, go treat yourself to this awesome movie while it's still in theaters.

What did you like about X-Men: Apocalypse?


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