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Kieran McLean

So here's the thing, I love Superman, and that's not easy to explain when you're a part of a bat-obsessed friend group. To me, Superman will always stand for something that Batman never will, and while everyone else raves about Batman's latest gadget, I'll be at home watching Superman be a symbol of hope for humanity.

Now I'm writing a post claiming Superman is better than Batman, and you're probably sat behind your keyboard thinking that's a dumb ass statement, and you might be right (opinions) but from where I'm sitting Superman outshines the Dark Knight simply because the character ascends what it means to be a superhero and instead of just protecting people, he leads them to a better future.

Superman has done over the years, what can only be described as the most heroic acts, like turn back time or sacrifice his innocence to save lives, more recently Superman faced his own mortality, and instead of begging his murderer to let him live, he asked him to save his mother, granted that murderer was Batman and not many fans liked the resolve of that battle, but the fact that in his final moments Superman was thinking of someone who needed help just tells you what kind of person he is.

Superman is a complex character. He has lived many lives and gone through countless trials but in the end, he is the same person, an Alien who more than anyone else wants to protect life, someone, who isn't Human but displays the best aspects of humanity.

Hopefully, the Justice League movie and future Superman movies will be able to capture the true character of Superman because it is my belief that the hope Superman is capable of bringing to the world is more important than the badass nature of Batman.

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