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As a kid in the '90s, there was nothing I wanted more than to see Superman and Batman in the same movie.

I have always been a fan of comic books and comic book movies, but Superman and Batman were always the standards for what a superhero should be. In 2014 my dreams came true, Zack Snyder made the massive Comic-Con announcement that Batman and Superman were going to be in a movie together, but even more they'd be going head-to-head.

Fast forward to June 2016 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been and gone. We all know that the movie didn't exactly get the best critical response, but as a long-time comic book fan, I can happily say that I loved the movie. There were moments of Batman v Superman that didn't work, and others that were beautiful and that is why I'm counting down the five best moments in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman.

5. Clark & Bruce Meet

The moment Superman and Batman met on the big screen will go down in history, but before the two heroes even meet in Batman v Superman we get to see them have a more civilized conversation as Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.

This is the first point in the movie that we begin to see each of the characters' motivations for wanting the other out of the way. Bruce Wayne has been hardened by the world and become meaner because of it, and Clark doesn't agree with the Bat of Gotham's technique.

4. Superman/Lex Luthor Rooftop Scene

The response to Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor was split, to say the least, but towards the third act the actor really stepped up his game and pushed a great performance. This scene managed to capture exactly why Lex Luthor hates Superman, and the lengths he was willing to go to defeat a god.

Henry Cavill's performance also stood out in this scene, and we see for the first time Superman in a desperate position.

3. Batman's Dream Sequence

We knew going into this movie that we would be seeing a pretty awesome dream sequence. Just when Batman was at his most desperate he has a nightmare persuading him that Superman could destroy the world. Add that to a mysterious message from the Flash and it's hard not to understand why Batman wants Superman out of the way.

2. Batman v Superman

The film is called Batman v Superman after all.

It's everything I never knew I wanted to see. Two of my biggest heroes smashing into each other with everything they have. The only problem with this epic clash is that there wasn't enough of it. I could watch Batman fighting Superman all day everyday.

1. Warehouse Fight

We got a look at it in the trailer, but nothing prepared me for that epic fight sequence between Batman and the thugs. This scene didn't take place at all where I thought it would in the movie, so it was even more exciting to see it towards the end of the film, when the stakes were much higher.

This is the best Batman we've seen on screen, and that is only confirmed when we see him in action. His fighting style is unlike anything we've seen from Batman in film before, and it's a massive step forward.

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