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Lohith Nyalapogula

Batman v Superman launched in cinemas all around the globe on March 25th and three years' of hype and anticipation...was not paid of (at least for the majority of us). Both critics and fans brutally beat down the film and left it bleeding in the gutters crying 'Martha'. Am I overstating? Am I being too harsh? Yeah, probably, but I think we can all come to agreement that Batman v Superman was not the springboard into the DCEU that it was supposed to be.

And don't even get me started on the international box office. A PG-13/12A movie starring two the most iconic fictional characters, released in a time when ''superheroes'' are the hottest film genre and you still couldn't even make $900 million? Did they draw a profit? Yes, but then we could say that for a lot of other films. Batman v Superman not making a billion is like Star Wars not making a billion; highly unexpected.

The culmination of the above reasons is why many fans and critics alike are hyped for the extended edition. But is it really hype? Or is it just hope that the extended edition will be able to dignify the movie? No one wanted to see a bad Batman v Superman film. Then about a week ago, the trailer for the 30 minute extended R-rated film was released. And it wasn't too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

The trailer hinted and sparked hope that this extended edition might just be the movie we were looking for. Most is not.

Now most of you might of just felt a great swell of anger that my whole article revolves around one quote. But Larry Fong isn't a fan, or even a critic...he's the film's cinematographer. In other words, this is legit. It seems that the extended cut will solidify it's fan base, but won't expand it by any means. So if you loved Batman v Superman, then your anticipation is justified and your love for the film will be cemented. But if the film didn't pander to your expectations, this extended edition won't give you an epiphany on the film. You'll still hate it.


Are you looking forward to Batman v Superman's extended edition?


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