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*Spoiler Alert: This post features spoilers for DC Comics's current continuity*

So, as many DC animation and comics fans know, fan-favourite character Terry McGinnis, star of the fantastic animated TV series Batman Beyond, was in 2014 finally introduced into the mainstream DC continuity for the first time in the 48-issue event series Futures End.

Unfortunately, Futures End turned into a massive disappointment for many reasons, not least of which being the death of our hero Terry McGinnis and his failure to stop Brother Eye, only to have his mantle as Batman passed on to Tim Drake who later became trapped in the future, becoming the lead in the 2015 - present Batman Beyond comic by Dan Jurgens, which has in my opinion been extremely well written and drawn.

However, fans have not been flocking to the book, in fact I'm pretty much the only guy on the DC wikia who notices it, and there are many good reasons for this.

For starters, many fan-favourite characters from the show like Max and Old Bruce, as well as most of the entire rest of the world had been killed off, giving the series very little in common with the series that spawned it, and most people were expecting a reboot to fix the mistakes of Futures End and star god old Terry back in action, but that's not what we got. We got a continuation of Futures End, initially focusing on Tim Drake and his allies saving the world from Brother Eye.

The book was great, but it wasn't Batman Beyond. There was even this weird moment where Batman laser-blasted a Miley Cyrus lookalike IN THE FACE in the first issue:

The general consensus among fans is that the comic series was let down by its lack of the character who MADE Batman Beyond what it was, the story of Bruce Wayne's one true successor, the character who took up the mantle of Batman to avenge his father's death and achieve redemption from his troubled past, and developed as he did so from an angry misanthropic teen into a strong, badass, intelligent protagonist who won fans over as being well worthy of the mantle. Keeping him dead as a constant source of complaint by fans, and rightly so, but in my opinion I think that it stopped them from appreciating just how strong a lead Tim Drake is as Batman, or just how interesting and exciting the overall story has become. But, in issue 13, everything changed.

Terry McGinnis IS BACK!

Turns out that Terry has actually been alive this whole freaking time, somehow. We just discovered that the mysterious recurring villain Rewire, whose real identity had been a bit of a mystery until now, has actually been Terry all along, and that the Rewire suit, which he apparently stole from another dead supervillain of the same name shortly before the series began, contains a battery pack which acts as his heart and is the only thing keeping him alive.

Much as we can all hope that Dan Jurgens doesn't just do what he did with Max and Inque by introducing a fan-favourite show character only to kill them soon after, I honestly don't think this is what Jurgens was going for here. The fans wanted Terry. Here he is, and he seems all set to be about to clear his name of the murder he was framed for and work with Tim Drake to create a better future... BUT as you can see in the picture, for some reason Terry is working with his old foe, the mind-controlling supervillain Spellbinder, who it's implied may have been the one to save his life in the first place.

This story could go in so many directions, and I think I speak for all fans of the show when I say that I am thoroughly excited to see this new chapter in McGinnis's history unfold on the page.

Will he take back the mantle of the Bat, will he become a villainous puppet of Spellbinder, or will he let Drake carry on as Batman and join the Justice League using Rewire as his new Superhero identity?

Are you excited to see Terry McGinnis back in action?


[Poll] - Are you excited to see Terry McGinnis back in action?


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