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MTV’s horror series based around the famed Scream film franchise proved to be a breakout hit after just one season. The show sported the very same self-aware attitude that made the films so iconic, along with a twisty plot, plenty of gore, and a masked killer. Now with episode one of season two in the books, there is already a new killer on the loose wearing the same fear inducing Brandon James mask that was featured in the first season. Of course there is a face, likely one we already know, underneath that mask, and today we are going to analyze the potential of each one of our characters to see if they have the potential to be the Season Two killer. The list will include the six original survivors, along with a few new faces who may have more sinister intention than they present.

Kieran 100-1

We are going to start with the one person who basically has zero potential to be the new killer. Kieran spent most of the first season under constant suspicion due to the fact that he was the mysterious new kid in town, as well as the pretty boy constantly vying for the attention of the same girl the killer was targeting. By the end of Season One though, Kieran just happened to be someone who moved into town at the wrong time, and became friends with the wrong people, making him a target as well. Using him as a red herring again would be pretty useless, since we no longer see him as a mystery. In addition to this, after what the Season One killer did to his father, there is no way that Kieran would be able to put on the mask himself and begin a new reign of terror.

Emma 90-1

Although Emma is the main focus of the show, and easily the lead character, there is one potential theory that may make her a suspect. The theory is, Emma may be the killer, and she just doesn’t know it. After her experience in the last season, Emma could be experiencing some kind of post-traumatic stress disorder, and reenacting her experience on others and not even know it. This would admittedly be a twist no one would see coming, but also a total rip-off of the twist from last season of FX’s American Horror Story. There is also the “Boy Interrupted” comment that the now deceased Jake made to Emma, which also appeared in the barn before his death. It is possible that this comment resided in Emma’s mind, and resurfaced when she became the killer. With all things considered though, by the looks of it, Emma is the Sydney Prescott of the Scream series, and the series will follow her and her continuous run-ins with the killer. It would be a smarter bet to place Emma in the unwilling hero category for now.

Noah 75-1

The Scream series would simply not be the same without Noah. Not only does his extensive knowledge of horror movies help us better understand the characters, but without him and his intuition we would have likely seen every major character done in before Season One ended. Noah’s odds remain pretty high, since he not only saw his first love, Riley, die in Season One, but also because he now seems intent on unraveling the whole mystery surrounding the Season One killings, conspiracy board and all. There is one theory though that might paint everyone favorite horror movie fanatic in a different light though, and it revolves around the idea that the true mastermind behind every event in the Scream series is orchestrated by Noah. With his extensive knowledge of the horror genre, what if Noah has been pulling the strings all along, while just playing along in his own sick and twisted game of life and death? It’s definitely a long shot, but Noah may be someone to watch a little more closely now.

Brooke 50-1

Is it coincidental that Jake was the first death of Season Two, and that he was killed off only a short time after he seems to have pissed Brooke off for the final time? The biggest question so far, is why the killer chose Jake as his first victim? Maybe Brooke finally snapped after all that happened to her in Season One, and went after Jake to finally be rid of him. Aside from Jake’s death, the “Boy Interrupted” message left for him in the barn seems like an added touch that only someone as snarky as Brooke would leave behind. Giving Brooke the benefit of the doubt though, she just doesn’t seem like the character who would resort to killing, but instead manipulate and systematically destroy someone. The final verdict on Brooke, is that she just doesn’t seem like she could actually go through with any of the brutal killings that are committed each season.

Audrey 30-1

Audrey left quite a few suspicious clues lying around during Season One, including a picture of Brandon James in her bedroom, and not to mention the fact that her DNA was found on the killers mask only a short time after the bowling alley attack, where Piper the Season One killer, was actually with the group, meaning there was and still is another player in the game. At the end of Season One, we also learned that Audrey and Piper had been in contact, before the killings started. With Season Two premiering though, we have seen someone new attempting to punish Audrey for whatever part she played in the Season One killings, so it looks like there is a conflict of interest going on. Sure Audrey might be willing to go to any length to make sure her secret stays buried, but she also seems to have gotten away with her potential crimes, which begs the question as to why she would open up a new can of worms, and start the vicious cycle all over again. Audrey is a tossup, since at this point she could just be someone attempting to escape their past, or be someone who really wants to finish what they started.

Now for a quick rundown of the new characters taking up residence in Lakewood this year.

Zoe 20-1

The classic overachiever in Emma’s phycology class, where it appears the core group will be spending most of their class time this season, Zoe seems to be the helpful and innocent type who you would never expect to be a part of anything bad. Then again though, someone who is in to the concept of phycology as much as she appears to be, obviously knows a great deal about the art of manipulation, and that could be exactly what she is doing. Although Zoe might not have had a part in the first season killings, she could very well be the person who has been targeting Audrey this season. While Zoe may be just a background character for Season Two, in these types of scenarios, you can never be too trusting.

Karen Lang 15-1

Lakewood High School’s phycology teacher has yet to show any signs of being anything but a caring teacher with a passion for the human mind, but the question is, does she have a hidden agenda for taking an interest in Emma. Maybe Emma’s recurring nightmare hides the answer to a James family mystery she wants to unlock, or better yet, maybe she is a member of the James family herself and seeking revenge. As we have seen in many horror films, evil tends to run in the family, so it looks like Mrs. Lang will have to prove her intention this season.

Gustavo 10-1

This guy has really low odds mainly for one reason, and that is the disturbing sketch of Emma on his computer, complete with blood and all. For most of the characters, we have been able to rationalize their actions, but there is really no rationalizing for this. Then there is also the foreboding discussion he has with Noah, in which he related horror films to Lakewood, right before stating that the killing never really ends. It almost seems too easy to bet on this guy being as crazy as he seems, but then we can only go off of what we have seen, and right now he has all the makings of the killer. Whatever his deal is though, this is the guy to watch your back around.

In addition to the Lakewood Six, or five as of right now, and the three new suspicious players, MTV has promised one more addition by the second episode of Season Two titled “Psycho”, where Emma will meet another a normal guy named Eli. According to show runners she will encounter him in the hallways of Lakewood High, finding him staring at old Lakewood memorabilia. That’s weird right, at least under these circumstances it is. Place your bets in the comments section and let us know your pick, or picks as to who the Season Two killer is.


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