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Avengers assemble! Or should I say two Avengers and a bunch of other beloved Marvel stars? Over the weekend fans gathered in Philadelphia for Wizard World Comic Con's latest stop to catch a glimpse and meet (if you were lucky enough) big names such as Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, and many others. The guest lineup also included the reunion of Agent Carter stars Hayley Atwell and Dominic Cooper. The appearance of the two may not have been as significant when initially announced, but with the recent news of the show's cancellation I was very excited to hear what they had to say about the show's future.

Besides meeting with hundreds of eager fans for autographs and photo ops, Hayley Atwell, who played leading lady Peggy Carter, and Dominic Cooper, who played frivolous playboy Howard Stark, took part in a fan Q&A panel. Atwell took the first round of questions, proclaiming Cooper was late because he was busy doing his hair. Fans dove right in and asked for Atwell's thoughts on a possible Agent Carter revival. She expressed her love for playing the role of Peggy Carter and teased the idea of a new destination for the show's third season. We are talking about you, Netflix!

Much of the focus remained on some of the recent Marvel developments regarding Captain America: Civil War resulting in Atwell siding with Team Cap, claiming he is her "number one man." She is also convinced that Steve Rogers is not truly part of HYDRA, just as most of the country is skeptical of the newly announced plotline in the comics. Many were curious about her thoughts on Steve's relationship with Sharon Carter, causing Atwell to give a hilarious response about her plan to "march Sharon back home and ground her." Season 2 of Agent Carter gave viewers a glimpse into Peggy's life before the war, including information about her brother. Many wonder how Sharon Carter even exists and if Peggy ended up with Daniel Sousa. Atwell teased that those questions would need to be answered in a potential Season 3, as if insinuating she knows something about the show's future that the public does not.

Dominic Cooper eventually joined Atwell on stage to discuss some of their behind-the-scenes antics and how much fun they had together on set. When asked about fight scenes, Atwell explained:

"I, Hayley Atwell, have a lot of confidence and very little skill, which is a dangerous combination."

As Cooper smiles and nods:

"I threw myself around the room and many stuntmen's testicles were harmed in the making."

Their playful relationship only goes to show how much chemistry the two have on and off screen. Much to Cooper's chagrin, Atwell shared a story of an embarrassing picture taken of Cooper that she made into shirts for the crew that still haunts him to this day. They enjoy getting together during events and conventions but the cast would still love the opportunity to continue the show and explore their characters.

I recently posted about the importance of a character like Peggy Carter and why she is so inspiring and I was glad to hear Atwell reiterate the same thoughts. Referring to Peggy, Atwell says, "she's not a superhero" and explains the character's vulnerability and struggles are relatable. Peggy is not fearless but Atwell mentions it is what Peggy does in the face of fear that makes her brave and inspiring. I could not agree more.

Having the opportunity to attend the Con and witness so many women walking around dressed as Peggy was eye-opening. Also, seeing the lines for fans to meet Atwell and Cooper was very promising. I had the pleasure of meeting them both for a photo op and they were both extremely kind and appreciative to their fans. If a third season does not happen, there is no doubt the two stars will go on to have continuing success. Atwell will be starring in the new drama Conviction, this fall on ABC and Cooper is currently the lead of the TV adaptation of the comic book Preacher, which is being highly praised. I also highly recommend it!

Check out the trailer of Conviction:

The last question for the panel included a little Spider-Man asking what comic book character they would each play, besides their own. Atwell said Sharon Carter without hesitation, while Cooper picked Bananaman!

(Source: Wizard World Philadelphia)


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