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For a while it seemed like comic books were becoming a novelty. Along with the fact that it is damn near impossible to buy comics anymore, comic inspired films have for years been some of the biggest blockbusters in the world, and audiences are more than willing to wait for the big screen adaptions, whether than experience the stories on a monthly basis.

In the last few years though, it seems like more and more people have rekindled their interest for comics. While every reader has their own “most shocking” moment, we have been getting a whirlwind of shocking moments as of late, and we are here today to take a look at the most shocking moments to recently happen in comics.

6. Jane Foster is Thor

Aside from being one of Marvel most powerful characters, Thor is also one of the oldest and long standing characters in the Marvel Universe, and one of only a few key heroes who have seen very little change throughout the decades. During a recent limited series run named Original Sin though, we saw Thor suddenly become unworthy to wield the power of Mjolnir after an encounter with Nick Fury, where he whispers a still unrevealed secret to Thor, thus making him unworthy of his powers.

Not only was Thor left depowered, but readers also witnessed an unidentified woman pick up the hammer and carry on the legacy as Thor, taking on several powerful enemies of the original God of Thunder. Although the fateful secret is never revealed, a few issues later it is finally revealed that Thor’s long time love interest, Jane Foster, was the one worthy enough to wield the power of Thor. To many readers the sudden turn of event seemed like more of a gimmick than a brand new story arc, but now it seems that Jane Foster intends to keep her role as the Goddess of Thunder.

Longtime Thor fans shouldn’t despair though, since the original Thor now wields a battle axe, carrying on under the alias Odinson. Not only was this change a major turnaround for the Thor franchise, it also re-introduced Jane Foster, a character who had been sidelined for quite some time, after it was revealed that she had breast cancer.

5. DC Rebirth and Enter Watchmen

In 2011, DC Comics promptly cancelled all of their titles following the Flashpoint storyline, and revamped the brand with fifty two new titles known as The New 52. Now DC has once again concluded all of its working titles, and started from scratch once again with a new line known as Rebirth.

So far though, Rebirth has left even the savviest of comic readers scratching their heads while trying to figure out exactly how all the different characters and events piece together. In the most recent issues though, a recently returned Wally West sheds some light on the current timeline, explaining that someone tampered with it, causing the disappearance of certain heroes, and the loss of legacy and relationships between others.

Although many characters in the DC Universe are capable of such a feat, the number one suspect on many readers list was none other than the all-powerful Dr. Manhattan of The Watchmen. This theory is finally proven in the latest issue of Rebirth, when Batman discovers the iconic smiley face pin belonging to The Comedian.

Not only does Rebirth reintroduce many iconic heroes and stories to readers, as well as new challenges for the existing heroes, but the introduction of The Watchmen into the DC Universe comes with an abundance of possibilities. Whether The Justice League and Watchmen go to blows with one another, or we see Batman teamed up with Rorschach, one can bet that The watchmen will leave a lasting impression on the DC Universe.

4. Marvel Civil War II

It took something as extreme as the Superhero Registration Act to divide the superhero community in what led to the first Marvel Civil War conflict, and now the Marvel community will once again be divided in conflict. In the brand new series, which seems to be more or less inspired by Minority Report, the heroes will clash over whether or not the government should utilize the future predicting powers of a brand new mutant to arrest criminal before they commit their crimes.

While the first Civil War run made have made it easy to side with a sympathetic Captain America, Civil War II is going to make it significantly harder. Leading the charge to change the future is Carol Danvers a.k.a Captain Marvel, alongside Spider-Man, Captain America (Steve Rogers), The Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, and Hawkeye to name a few. In opposition of the possible greater good this time though is Iron Man, who stands to protect the future along with the new Captain America (Sam Wilson), Thor (Jane Foster), Star Lord, Black Widow, and even Deadpool.

One of the few events to truly shake the foundation of the Marvel Universe was Civil War, and now the creators are forcing us once again to pick just a few of the heroes we love as they clash with one another over the moral principles they stand for.

3. The Death of Superman

Every comic reader knows that nothing can kill the Man of Steel, and even if it does, it doesn’t keep him down for very long. That being said though, as The New 52 came to a close, we saw Super-Man get put through all kinds of hell, and after a brutal battle with, Vandal Savage, readers got the ultimate blow through a simple revelation from Clark.

As the series run finally ended, we witnessed Clark’s final tearful goodbye to his friend Lana Lang, and love Lois, right before saying a final farewell to Batman and Wonder Woman. Even though an alternate older Superman from the pre-Flashpoint time line seems ready to fill in the shoes left behind, the final issue of Superman New 52 was so utterly heart wrenching, and even though it seems like comics never truly kill off any of their characters, especially their big name characters, it looks like we have officially witnessed the final moments of The New 52 Superman who we have grown so close to.

Any hero’s death in comics is always tragic, but to see the pinnacle of DC Comics go is certainly something else, and although we still have a Superman, it may never feel the same after knowing the full extent of the story.

2. The Death of Wolverine

Aside from the fact that Wolverine has been part of almost every incarnation of The X-Men, he is the one other hero who we never would have thought to see die, not because of his legacy, but because he simply cannot die. When writers promised the end of Wolverine was to come, it seemed impossible, but then they went and dropped a vat of adamantium on him, thus ending the life greatest X-Man.

After Wolverine loses his healing factor, he comes face to face with the founder of the Weapon X program, Doctor Cornelius, who has been attempting to recreate the original experiment used on Wolverine. In the final battle, Wolverine slashes a container of adamantium in order to kill Cornelius’s experiments, while simultaneously dousing himself, eventually causing him to suffocate.

Even more painful than the realization that Wolverine was about to die was the next few pages where Wolverine reflects back on his long life, before finally giving out, adding one last gut punch to readers. Readers haven’t officially counted Wolverine down and out just yet though, especially after Deadpool acquired a sample of Wolverine’s blood, and began to ponder the possibility of resurrecting the fallen hero. Whether Wolverine returns or not, the shock of losing such an iconic and daring character is one that will take time to recover from, no matter where the X-Men and Marvel go next.

1. Captain America: Agent of Hydra

If someone told you that there was one Marvel character out there who was working as a double agent for the terrorist organization Hydra, who would your guess be? Certainly not the symbol of liberty himself Captain America, but yet it seems Marvel has taken the very same hero that is seen punching Hitler in his first issue, and saving his friends and the world from Hydra in countless others, and exposed him as one of the deepest cover agents in history.

The backstory leading up to this event gives readers a pretty convincing case on how and what could have caused Steve Rogers to join a Nazi and terrorist affiliated group, but some fans are still skeptical. Many want to believe that this is all a clever ruse and that even as a boy Steve Rogers was planning on destroying the organization from the inside out, but if all this turns out to be false, what does it mean for the Marvel Universe.

Will Captain America suddenly become a major villain? There are plenty of questions that remain unanswered, but even now the shocking revelation that the one and only Steve Rogers/Captain America is possibly one of the biggest villains in Marvel history is enough to bring about the ultimate shock to comic readers in recent memory.

Which comic book moment shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments below!


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