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Since the mid-2000s, nightmares (including my own) have mainly consisted of pale-skinned Japanese girls with long black hair. It may not sound horrifying, until you imagine someone with said characteristics standing in the corner of your bedroom. Why do people worldwide seem to have this fear? Well we can look to horror icons, Sadako and Kayako, and blame them for the years of night sweats and bed wetting.

For those of you who aren't big into horror, Sadako is the girl from The Ring who will kill you if you watch her videotape. Kayako is the ghost of a young mother from The Grudge who will kill you for moving into her house. To sum it up, neither of these characters appreciate anyone doing them any favors. Sadako will murder you for giving her indie tape a little publicity, and Kayako will murder you for moving into her house, when all you were trying to do was help her out with the rent.

Yet this time around, they will be appearing in the same film where they can scare the innocence out of us as a team! Because teamwork makes the dream (or in this case, nightmare) work! The studio behind this horror mashup has taken an interesting route to promote their new project. Check it out below, and watch Sadako and Kayako play baseball against each other to promote their new film!

I never thought my biggest fear would involve the game of baseball, but now it definitely does. It's got to be hard to play when you're dead. Heck, they didn't even stretch beforehand — that's got to be tough on those deceased joints! And how in the world can Sadako pitch with all of that hair in her face? No matter the explanation, this was an eerie and entertaining way to promote a new film.

The film will be directed by Kōji Shiraishi, a Japanese director and screenwriter who is famously known for his horror films. It seems the cast will consist of newcomers, rather than actors from the old franchise. In this 12th installment of both franchises, the two vengeful spirits clash, when Yūri Kurahashi and her friend watch a cursed videotape in a haunted house. So just a word of advice for the people who would rather not be brought into a conflict between two murderous ghosts: Stay away from the VCR and watch movies in your own dang house.

Check out the trailer below for the scream-fest below:

Sadako vs. Kayako will crawl into theaters (and back into our nightmares) June 18th!

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