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First, my apologies for that pun. Totally out of line, dude.

But seriously, kids of the '80s — have you looked at what some of the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys from our past are going for on eBay right now?

Now, I understand, if a kid got a new Ninja Turtle toy back then, something was very wrong with him if it kept it in the box or case. Either he was weird, or as you're about to find out, had figured out that someday, Michael Bay and Megan Fox were going to make those toys pretty valuable someday!

The Technodrome!

Bids: 1
Current bid: $900

My best bud Stevie from the old 'hood got this glorious beauty for a Christmas or birthday, and it was nothing short of awesome! Bringing over Bebop & Rocksteady, and playing turtles for hours with our other best bud Henry! Or for minutes, depending on how long our attention span lasted, or what bloody boob-filled rated R movie we found on the TV in his basement.

Krang and his Android Body

Bids: 16
Current bid: $209.25

The newest villain in the ninja turtles reboot, Krang and his body have had a few different looks over the years.

From the toy:

To the comics:

To the cartoon:

To the video game:

To the reboot sequel:

To the things you can see, but may never unsee:

Shredder, Bebop & Rocksteady

Bids: 0
Current Bid: $110

The big man and his two bumbling dolts, who look a little more lethal in the sequel than they did in the cartoon:

Turtle-Top Playsets

Bids: 17
Current bid: $102.50

These were made in 1994, so they're a little past my prime action figure buying and playing days, so not a clue what these are about. But apparently somebody is nostalgic about them!

Secret of the Ooze 6-inch figures

Bids: 2
Current Bid: $107.49

Apparently, someone besides me liked this movie. At least, enough to pay almost $100 for these movie-based action figures, with interchangeable heads? Nice!

2008 TMNT action figure set

Bids: 22
Current bid: $401

Not too terribly vintage, but this set of all 4 turtles and their long necks is going to make some a pretty little penny!

The Blimp!

Bids: 38
Current bid: $237.50

Something I hope to heck we seen in TMNT3! It drops bombs, so Michael “Blow Up The” Bay will most likely have it in there to, well, blow sh up!

Some of the sold items are REALLY impressive!

1988 Playmates TMNT Soft Head Fan Club

Sold for $1,999.99!

Playmates TMNT Sewer Set

Auctioned off for $1,625 after 23 bids!

Another of the same was sold for $1,625 less that 12 hours later, and across the ocean, a British fellow earned about $1,814 in US dollars for the same set.

1990 Technodrome

After a heated 40-bid war, someone earned themselves this bad boy for $1,675!

TMNT statue set

Never have seen something like this before, but they netted $1,500!

Think your old comics might be worth something?

After 93 bids, this original TMNT #1, signed by THE Eastman & Laird, went for $4,799!

An unsignof it still went for $3,228, after 63 bids.

And this awesome, rare Batman/TMNT crossover original artwork went for $3,650, ending after 32 bids:

Moral of the story? If you liked the Ninja Turtles before liking Ninja Turtles was cool, and never opened any of your toys or read any of your comics (ya weirdo), then you could be sitting on a small fortune!

So many of you have already seen the movie, but here's another glimpse of the Technodrome and everything else for those of us who haven't:

Do you own any of these TMNT toys?


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