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A bunch of new Suicide Squad images have surfaced, giving us an awesome new look at David Ayer's damaged characters.

Obviously, the one to talk about here is The Joker. Everyone is just waiting to see if Jared Leto can pull off his portrayal as the clown prince of crime. You can get a look at him with his signature cane below. As for who else appears in the images we have a new look at Rick Flagg, Enchantress, and Deadshot.

"Are You Sweet Talkin' Me?"

This image is clearly set in the same club we've seen in the second official trailer. We already know that Harley is dancing in the corner, so who could Joker be talking to in this scene? The real villain perhaps?

Follow The Leader

Although Rick Flagg is the official leader of the Suicide Squad, it's generally Will Smith's Deadshot that the team will look to when they're in a sticky situation. Clearly this image is showing some of the tension between these two leaders.

Hey Puddin'

We can already tell that Harley Quinn isn't someone you want to mess with. The trailers have proven that she can handle herself in a fight, but if you forget, just check out this image.

Mission Report

Again we've seen this shot before in the official trailers for Suicide Squad, it's the moment the team is taken from their cells and asked to go on a suicide mission. Also, note Scott Eastwood on Flagg's side. We still don't have a name for his character but there has been a lot of speculation concerning various DC Comics characters such as Nightwing and other heroes. We'll have to wait until the movie is released, but you can bet Scott Eastwood will be a fun surprise.

Suicide Squad is now less than two months away from its release date, so we can expect the marketing to swing into fifth gear. These images are just the beginning of what I predict will be a pretty fun marketing campaign.

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