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You know a show is good if you can actually sit through the same opening sequence every week for 6 or 7 seasons.

Here are some of the most screwy (and awesome) opening sequences for any show...ever!

True Blood

The reason for this being on top is simple: whoever made this intro had to be high on acid, V, or something. Check this awesome show's wicked opening sequence out:

From the house deep in the bayou, to the slo-mo animals attacking or rotting, to the bewbs, to the mother freaking little kid in the clan costume...this intro will stick in the minds of the fans long after they forget how Vampire Bill...spoiler alert!


Six Feet Under

Nothing like seeing the trip a dead body takes from the morgue to the grave, complete with embalming and putting makeup on a body's face.

The Walking Dead

The source of an easter egg and part of the scandal we all know as DumpsterGate, the opening credits & intro for Walking Dead have become as American as hashtags and never having a good option when voting for the president.

The easter egg I speak of is how, in each season, the logo has been decaying more and more each season. The controversy? How TPTB behind the show left good ole Glenn out of the opening credits the show after his infamous dumpster scene, up until when he came back...yeah that was dirty. Bad AMC!

Hell, I've even been desperate enough to go frame by frame through the credits to find another hidden hint about the show. If you ever do that, you'll get quite a closer look at the depressing things the producers stick in there.

Here's the season 5 opener-

Game of Thrones

How could I put a list like this together and not included this one? Everybody loves a good map scene, whether it be from The Lord of the Rings-

Or Indiana Jones-

Even 'Arry Pottah!

The GoT intro just drops you right in the middle of it all-


Nothing's more fun that watching your life play out before every week's episode of your favorite show, Weeds. Not mine, necessarily, but I'm sure there were housewives and husbands all over the nation watching this show, and shaking their heads at the accuracy of how it portrayed the repetitiveness and redundancy of suburban life in the intro...only to be a show about the wacky weed.


You'll never look at your own morning routine the same again...

American Horror Story

Another one that goes without saying...every one of these shows just kind of HAS to have a messed up intro.

And here is every one of them, all in one handy video!

Lesson learned; if the show is awesome, like all shows on this list are, then you're going to have an awesome opening sequence!



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