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Stephen Amell has captured our hearts playing Oliver Queen in The CW's Arrow. Now, the actor is about to take over the big screen as Casey Jones in the newly releasedTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows. During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Amell discussed his new role and whether he has more in common with TMNT'S Casey Jones or Oliver Queen, the role for which he is best known.

[Casey Jones] leads with his heart and not with his head. He makes mistakes, and he’s funny. I actually found that he was a little closer to my personality than Oliver Queen, who’s much more reserved, quiet, and introspective.

Photograph by Jessica Miglio
Photograph by Jessica Miglio

His statement got me thinking about the similarities between Amell and his most famous role, Oliver Queen. After a closer look at the CW star, I think there are some notable similarities between the pair that explain why we admire Oliver on-screen just as much as we appreciate Stephen as a celebrity — take a look at my findings below!

Firstly, They Both Care About The World In Which They Live!

Arrow is built around the fact that Oliver Queen is driven by his love for his city and its people. I'm pretty sure that the line: "You have failed this city" is still fresh in our memories.

At the end of the day, Oliver became Arrow (and later Green Arrow) because he cares about what happens to the world he lives in. Yeah, he did employ some very unorthodox methods but his intention has always been to protect the world. And when he sees that his actions as Green Arrow aren't enough, he steps and runs for Mayor because this is who Oliver is from episode one. Amell is just like Oliver in this way.

His involvement in charities and his support for a variety of causes show that he is an activist, much like Oliver. He, like Oliver, steps up to help and give back to his community but, instead of arrows, he uses his celebrity status. He supports charities like Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Give Back Hollywood Foundation, and Paws and Stripes to name just a few. He's very open about his support of Fuck Cancer after his mom started battling cancer four years ago. He often promotes his charity support on his social media pages. Here's a photo he posted a couple of months ago on his instagram account:

Did you read that caption? Aw. But it doesn't stop there! In support of Fuck Cancer's campaign he created the T-Shirt below on Represent, in order to raise funds! He sold about 66,400 T-Shirts!

He even created a Facebook album with images of fans that shared their photos wearing this T-Shirt. How cool is that? He recently launched a new Team Amell T-shirt campaign because of the success of the first one (go grab a hoodie in support of Team Amell)! Both Team Arrow and Team Oliver are not afraid to fight for what they believe in and for those they love, which leads me to my next point:

Amell And Queen Both Stand Up Against Bullies

Amell and Queen have zero tolerance for bullies; they stand up for those that can't protect themselves. We have seen that Oliver isn't afraid to take action in order to protect Star City and those in it. Amell, is exactly like that. Look for example at how he speaks up against bullying. He has even created his own the word "sinceriously," in order to support his campaign with "Stand for the Silent."

Yes, Amell uses less violence than the Green Arrow in achieving his goals (like most people in life outside TV), but think about it: Oliver uses Green Arrow to stand up for others, while Amell uses his celebrity status in the same way.

Amell rocking a "sinceriously" T-Shirt
Amell rocking a "sinceriously" T-Shirt

See? Amell is so much like Oliver! And their similarities don't stop here.

Last But Not Least: Family Is A Huge Priority

Don't let Oliver's tough-guy façade fool you. He's a sucker when it comes to family. Remember when Felicity and him gave it all up and lived in a little quiet neighborhood? He was all domestic and about to propose to Felicity until he realized that Green Arrow was needed (because as we've established, he truly cares about the world). Remember what he did in order to bring Thea back to life? Oliver would do anything for his family and friends.

From season one to season four he has been trying to do everything in his power to protect everyone he loves. His acts sometimes are borderline, but his intention is always to protect. Amell is the same way! We already saw how he supports his mom's journey with battling cancer. Amell isn't shy in displaying how much he loves his family. His instagram feed is filled with loving images of his wife and daughter. How's the one below for cuteness overload?

So, as you can see Oliver and Stephen do seem to share more than just the same body (at least from the perspective of a fan!), and I think we can both agree that these similarities complement them both. Having said that, it will be great to see Stephen playing a character he personally relates to on the big screen. So, don't forget to see Amell's Casey Jones in action by going to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Out of the Shadows, which is in cinemas now!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Out of the Shadows is released from June 3rd, 2016


What do you think? Is Stephen Amell like Oliver Queen?


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