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(Warning: The following contains images from DC's forthcoming 'Suicide Squad,' and could thus be considered to contain mild SPOILERS. As such, proceed with whatever level of caution Amanda Waller has ordered you to.)

Now, there are a whole lot of reasons to be growing ever-more excited about this summer's Suicide Squad, from increasingly glowing screening responses, all the way through to the fact that it's bringing Harley gosh-darned Quinn to the big screen, and yet there's one cause for frantic anticipation that might just trump all others. Y'see, while debate is still raging over whether or not he's set to be the main villain of the piece, The Joker is looking more and more likely to play a central role in Suicide Squad.

And, well, that's just downright awesome. Especially so, in fact, when you consider that...

The Latest Suicide Squad Images To Arrive Seem to Highlight The Joker's Importance To The Film

Coming into existence via the good folks over at Total Film — and making their way online through other avenues — this latest batch of photos seems to suggest that The Joker will indeed be playing a central role in Suicide Squad...

...with the image above seemingly teasing offering a glimpse of an extended sequence in civilian dress, or perhaps even something a little more scheming.

The magazine's other images, by contrast, largely serve to highlight things we already knew, such as "Harley Quinn will be awesome"...

..."Enchantress will be straight up menacing"...

..."Deadshot and Rick Flag won't really get along"...

..."Killer Croc is going to be intimidating as hell"...

...and, of course, "Task Force X going to look a little like the world's worst pop group in daylight":

Now all we have to do? Find a way to wait patiently (well, patiently-ish) until the movie hits our screens this coming August.

Yup, that sounds implausible to me, too.

What do you think, though?


Just how important will The Joker be in Suicide Squad?



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