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Guillermo del Toro might have literally written a book on movie monsters (yes, really!), but now that new director Steve DeKnight is stepping into the esteemed Pacific Rim director's chair, maybe he could do with a little inspiration.

Below is a roundup of awesome biomechanical and monster artists from across the web whose work has the potential to make Pacific Rim's newest Kaiju even more badass than the first batch — but whose work do you think would look best alongside the likes of Jon Boyega and Mako Mori on the big screen?

Federico Scarbini

Digital artist Federico Scarbini's creations blend the familiar and the grotesque in a way that would be even more imposing if you imagine them being 300 feet tall.

The exposed gill elements and the clunky insect ball-and-socket joints would give the Kaiju an organic edge to make them both believable and awe-imposing.

Get horrified by more of Scarbini's monsters HERE.

Zdzisław Beksiński

Polish painter Zdzslaw Beksiński's unsettling work sees humanoid forms enmeshed with both foliage and fantastical landscapes in a way that could easily fit in with the Pacific Rim universe if they were given a more sci-fi bent.

Rob Thomas

'Nourish' by Rob Thomas
'Nourish' by Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas's heavily H.R. Giger inspired artwork shows fusions of creatures in an avenue that del Toro is yet to explore. By combining different Kaiju together, a whole new element of threat could be added to the Pacific Rim universe. Check out his website HERE.

'Love' by rob Thomas
'Love' by rob Thomas

James Daly

Comic book illustrator James Daly's biomechanical monster sketch looks hellbent on destruction and would be awesome inspiration for the rumored fusion of monster and machine. What big jaws you have. All the better to destroy humanity with, my dear! Learn more about his work HERE.

Alex Ruiz

The humanoid appearance of Ruiz's creatures could represent an entirely new direction for Pacific Rim's Kaiju. After all, there is nothing more terrifying than opposable thumbs. Think about it. Take a peek of more of Alex's artwork HERE.

N Joo

N Joo's work takes a more traditional Pacific Rim bent, drawing inspiration from the reptile world. Maybe the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach could be the correct one to go with? See more of N Joo's imposing monsters HERE.

Vuk Kostic

Otachi could probably do with some company, right? See more of Vuk's fantasy epics HERE.

Dariusz Zawadzki

The biomechanical elements of Zawadski's work have implications of brain control that could add an interesting new element for the Kaiju's future. Peruse the rest of Darius's gallery of horrors HERE.

Aaron Nakahara

Maybe some more outlandish designs could pack a punch, such as Nakahara's Dali-esque spindly legs and jutting angles. See more of Nakahara's fanciful creations HERE.

If you need reminding of the sheer scale of the original Kaiju, check out how the artists dreamt up the original beasts in the clip below:

Know an artist who would be perfect inspiration for the new Pacific Rim? Share their work in the comments below!


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