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Back in March, Bette Midler threw some pretty epic shade at Kim Kardashian after the reality TV star got her bazookas out on Instagram and 'tastefully' censored them with a black strip.

Similarly, the move received backlash from all over the world, even as far as Australia, where a mural of the snapshot was aggressively vandalized. For reference, here's the image that caused quite the stir:

Indeed, as the world divided into camps — those against Kim's gratuitous display of her body and those praising her for it — the star penned a heartfelt blog post in her own defense as debates over public slut-shaming raged on.

Months on, and it seems that there is no end in sight to discussions — and now Dame Helen Mirren is taking it upon herself to chime in. The acting icon recently gave a shout out to Kim Kardashian for her contribution to body-positivity amongst women. In an interview with Stella Magazine, the Trumbo actress said:

"I'm not into the Kardashians, it's a phenomenon I just don't find interesting, but — and this is the big word: B-U-T-T — it's wonderful that you're allowed to have a butt nowadays!"

The 70-year-old then added:

"Thanks to Madame Kardashian, and before her, J.Lo, we're also allowed to have thighs now, which is great too. It's very positive."
J-Lo and Kim K have re-defined body standards
J-Lo and Kim K have re-defined body standards

Damn straight!

Mirren is very right to acknowledge how far women have come in society in terms of redefining beauty and larger body shapes. She then went on to recall the societal pressures of her youth, saying:

"When I was growing up, it was thought to be unbelievably sluttish to even have a bra strap showing. Everything was about women conforming. I love shameless women. Shameless and proud!"

Finally, she cited a slew of other influential female role models who have positively affected body confidence amongst young women. She said:

"I love women who have claimed their own bodies: Madonna, Chrissie Hynde, Joan Jett, Bonnie Raitt. I love Pussy Riot more than anything in the world. They all raise their middle fingers to this epithet of ‘slut’. They wear what they want to wear, behave as they want to behave."


Do you agree with Helen Mirren?



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