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Ask a dozen horror fans their favorite movie and you'll get a dozen different answers, making it near impossible to create a definite "best of" list. Instead of venturing down that already beaten path, one creative fan has taken on the daunting task of uniting an entire century's worth of panic and fear into one beautifully edited video.

Beginning with some of the earliest horror ever put to film with The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots (1895) this video traces "influential and aesthetically beautiful horror movies" up to the year 2016. Complete with slick edits, choice sound bites, and a haunting soundtrack, this video is a visual showpiece. Bask in its creep below:

The Movie Selection

Encompassing a total of 122 films, Diego Carrera's video essay "A History of Horror" covers an impressive spectrum of films. Not content to hastily chop up clips into a 12-minute video, Carrera dove deep into the horror underbelly and selected visually interesting scenes, creating a narrative that flows in a vein similar to the opening sequence of American Horror Story:

The Soundtrack

The music ("Camino" by Murcof) is moody, unsettling and persistent, nicely complimenting the visual elements of the piece. Carrera punctuates the lurching drone of the soundtrack with sound clips that are as iconic as the films he has chosen.

A few choice favorites: Godzilla's roar, the typewriter clicks in Misery, the heavy breathing from The Blair Witch Project and the scratchy "Ba-Ba-Dook-Dook" from The Babadook.

Some things can never be unseen
Some things can never be unseen

The finished result is a mesmerizing tribute to some visually stunning horror classics.

What do you think is the most influential horror movie of the last century?

[Source: Youtube, Header Image: Jeremy Nunnally]


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