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Late at night, at the end of a Vampire Diaries binge that leaves you thirstier than Ripper Stefan in the 1920s, haven't you ever asked yourself, is Mystic Falls a real place?

You're in luck: Mystic Falls is real. Only, it's not called Mystic Falls, and it's not in Virginia.

Welcome to Covington, Georgia, the real location for filming The Vampire Diaries!

For the bargain price of $55, you can take a tour of the town from Vampire Stalkers Tours. Although not affiliated with the CW, the Vampire Stalkers website describes their relationship as one big happy extended family. Here's a collection of highlights from the Mystic Falls tour, courtesy of all the happy TVD fans that shared their pics on Twitter.

The Real Mystic Grill

Lunch, dinner, or a glass of bourbon at the Mystic Grill is absolutely mandatory for any TVD fan passing through Covington. Although it's not the set they use for the show (no filming has ever taken place there), it was modeled on the one we know and love from the series. The cast and crew frequent the bar themselves when they're not filming. While you won't be getting served by everyone's favorite blue-eyed bartender Matt Donovan, vampire sightings have been known to happen.......

The Clocktower

The very clocktower from which Katherine Pierce flung her sad, human self stands in the center of the town square. If you book your tour on a week day, you might be lucky enough to wander by a scene being filmed from The Vampire Diaries or The Originals!

The Lockwood Mansion

How much would you love to twirl around in the gorgeous garden where THIS scene was filmed?

Well you can! Sit on the grandiose front porch or stroll around the grounds. (Not included: the creepy old cellar where Tyler used to chain himself up during the full moon.)

The Gilbert House

Elena may have torched her house in a fit of humanity-less-ness back in Season 4, but the actual Gilbert house is still standing. On the Vampire Stalkers tour, guests are even allowed to walk right up to the porch where Damon and Elena had their first kiss!

Basically, the town is just littered with TVD filming locations...

What are you waiting for?? Go book your tour!

Would you take a tour of the real Mystic Falls?

Miss Mystic Falls
Miss Mystic Falls

Source: Vampire Stalkers Tours

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