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The future of Supergirl looked uncertain for a while. While Kara's family-friendly exploits won more and more fans over with every episode, budgetary concerns led many to question whether a second season would ever appear. Fortunately, the real heroes over at CW saved the day, adding Supergirl to their already impressive roster of superhero shows.

Of course, the change in network means that there are now a huge number of questions that need answering and that's before we even begin to address the plot threads left over from Season One. That may sound like a challenge of Kyptonian proportions, but there's no need to worry. We've got you covered, so join us as we share everything we know about Season Two of Supergirl so far.

When Does Supergirl Return?

Via CW
Via CW

Before we even begin to discuss the intricacies of Season Two, we first need to know when Supergirl will actually soar back onto our screens.

Those who worried that the change of network could have caused severe delays need not worry. While we don't know the exact date yet, CW have confirmed that Supergirl will indeed join Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow in their fall line-up this year.

The Flarrowverse shows usually air around October and that's when Season One of Supergirl premiered too, so there's no reason to assume that this will change any time soon.

What Role Will Superman Play?

No more convenient sun glare for Supes.
No more convenient sun glare for Supes.

In the past, Supergirl has always been overshadowed by her more famous cousin, Superman, so Season One worked hard to avoid this by only showing Krypton's Last Son from a distance or via instant messaging.

While this approach was surprisingly successful for the most part, it would have been difficult to continue avoiding the elephant in the room for much longer, so it comes as little surprise that Supergirl will finally portray Superman in full for the first two episodes of the sophomore season.

Naturally, the internet instantly exploded with casting suggestions, ranging from Smallville's Tom Welling to more unorthodox choices, including Matt Bomer and Bradley Cooper, but what we would really love to see is Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer take the role on somehow in a freaky alternative universe mishap. It'll never happen, but fans of Superman Returns can continue to dream, can't they?

Will Kara Find Love?

For most of Season One, Supergirl had more problems with her love life than she did fighting super-powered aliens — don't they have Tinder in National City? — but after many will they/won't they moments, the spark between Kara and Jimmy Olsen was finally lit.

Things would be pretty boring if the pair lived happily ever after though, so naturally, Season Two of Supergirl will shake things up with a number of potential obstacles.

Shipping hard right now.
Shipping hard right now.

There's always the chance that Kara's best friend Winn could start to pursue her again or an entirely new character could appear in Supergirl's life, but now that the show is officially part of CW, we'd like to see Barry Allen step up as a potential love interest. The two shared more chemistry in one episode than Kara and Olsen have in an entire season.

How Will Supergirl Cross Over With The Flarrowverse

This fills me with too much excitement.
This fills me with too much excitement.

Ever since the Flash first zoomed over to Star City in Season Two of Arrow, the annual CW crossover has been a highlight of each show's run, throwing all of our favourite superheroes into one epic story line.

Now that Supergirl's joined the Flarrowverse, executive producer Greg Berlanti has promised that both Kara and the Legends of Tomorrow will join in on the fun too, crossing over with one another across four different shows.

Despite the network change, Supergirl currently resides on a different earth than the rest of the gang, but don't expect this to stay the same for long. The Supergirl episode "World's Finest" already proved that the writers can find ways around this, so it's extremely likely that the writers will use a combination of time travel and/or inter-dimensional travel to bring the various heroes together.

While we don't envy the people responsible for juggling the logistics of that crazy schedule, the idea of finally seeing a large crossover event like Infinite Crisis on TV has us extremely excited. Watch this space, guys.

Who Will Supergirl Fight In Season Two?

Supergirl has faced and defeated almost every enemy she encountered in Season One, proving that she's more than worthy of wearing that infamous red cape, but one foe who's guaranteed to cause more trouble in Season Two is Maxwell Lord.

While the two have shared a complicated relationship, even working together when necessary, it's hard to forget that Lord has outright tried to kill Kara before and we doubt this will be the last time that the pair will clash.

Beyond that, it's hard to say who Supergirl will fight in Season Two. Kara doesn't have many iconic villains of her own in the comics, so the majority of her enemies on the show so far have been taken from Superman's Rogues Gallery — including Reactron, Silver Banshee and Livewire — and this doesn't look set to change any time soon.

What Role Will Cadmus Play?

Via CW
Via CW

As if that wasn't bad enough, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has revealed that the evil organisation Cadmus will also rise to the fore in Season Two;

"It's going to remain more of an evil, specter-y thing that's out there, but it's definitely something that we're going to pursue. You know, Cadmus has such a rich history in the comics and the animated shows. There's so much there to mine. It'll definitely be part of Season 2."

Cadmus is technically on the side of the good guys for now, but we know that won't last. Olsen revealed that Superman doesn't work with the government precisely because of the work that Cadmus does and we know for a fact that Kara's foster father Jeremiah Danvers is being held prisoner by them, so expect bad things to come their way very soon.

Who Was In The Pod At The End Of Season One?

Gwyneth Paltrow's severed head?
Gwyneth Paltrow's severed head?

The season finale of Season One ended with the arrival of a mysterious pod that appears to be Kryptonian in origin. While we won't know who or what was contained within the pod until Season Two airs this fall, there's a number of potential candidates that could be considered.

The obvious route would be to introduce another relative of Supergirl from Krypton in the pod, one who could become either friend or foe to Kara as the season progresses. Names like Superboy, Power Girl and even Zod have been thrown around, but there's always a chance that the pod could contain something else, something that's not even remotely human.

Via DC Comics
Via DC Comics

The sentient computer Brainiac also hails from Krypton and in the comics, the villain has proved itself to be a powerful adversary for Superman, so perhaps the pod contains the first glimpse of our new big bad for Season Two?

In a bizarro world, the pod would contain one of the ridiculous super-powered pets from the comics, like Krypton the dog, Beppo the monkey or even Comet, the Super-Horse. There's no way that's ever going to happen, but it's hard to deny that this would be hilarious to see.

I can see it now.
I can see it now.

While a lot of the details surrounding the future of the show are still up in the air, one thing we can guarantee is that Season Two promises a number of new, exciting developments that will help Supergirl soar higher than ever before.

What would you like to see happen in Season Two of Supergirl?


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