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There are characters in the Marvel Universe that can ascend to a much higher plane of existence in our real world. There are icons like Captain America, who represents American military heroism and the desire to do right by our country, Iron Man who represents the desire for technological innovation and the drive to push our knowledge of machine science further, or The Black Panther who represents majesty and the proper way to show royal strength without abuse.

These characters have a much deeper meaning for fans, and Ms. Marvel is no exception.

Since her debut in 1968, Ms. Marvel "as she was known first", has been a symbol of feminine strength and character. Created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gene Colan, Ms. Marvel, an Air Force Veteran, has long since been revered as a hero in the Marvel Universe since the Silver Age, and sits at the #11 spot on IGN's "Top 50 Avengers" of all time.

Things haven't been a smooth ride for this character, with a rape that led to an unwanted pregnancy, an alcohol problem that led to a Court Marshall by the Avengers, a horrible tragedy that led to her powers, her memories, her very self being absorbed by the X-Men member Rogue while she was under the influence of the devious Mystique, and personal issues about what she felt her place was in the universe.

Yet, nonetheless this character rose from all of that to become what many people consider the most powerful Avenger of all time.

The increased use of Carol Danvers as a prominent character in many story arcs throughout this decade eventually prompted one commentator to note that "she's now the House of Ideas' premier heroine." Wizard Magazine #220 (January 2010). Andy Serwin. No. 23. (WIKI)

Her place in Marvel history even inspired the Pakistani/New Jersey hero Kamala Khan to don the mantle of Ms. Marvel when Carol took on the name of her first love from her days in the Air Force, Captain Mar-Vell, who passed away from cancer.

Her legendary place as a heroine is why the casting of Captain Marvel is so important.

Names like Oscar winner Brie Larson are being strongly mentioned to play the role, and the importance to find an actress that embodies what Carol Danvers stands for is paramount. She's more than just looks, more than just flowing blonde hair over a bodacious body. Carol Danvers is spirit! Carol Danvers is the embodiment of survival in a world dominated by men. She is a symbol of limitless power adorned with beautiful grace. Her place in superhero culture is rivaled only by the likes of Wonder Woman herself and her debut on the big screen is long overdue. Carol Danvers is a marvel, and a great symbol for girl power!

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